NascentHub: An Approach in Unwinding the Industry Innovations

CIO VendorRichard Tarity, CEO
There are very few organizations in the industry today that are driven by a purpose, especially with their business revolving around their customers’ needs and challenges. When NascentHub, a leading technology and business consultancy emerged two years ago, the sole purpose was to solve the daunting business and technology challenges most customers face. The task was to integrate customer’s enterprise technologies into their organizations which came with a lot of complexities in terms of solutions and processes that were evolving and always changing.

With a confutative approach, the Pennsylvania based firm learns about its customer’s business using their diverse technology and business backgrounds and helps them align technology solutions to the business strategy. Guided by the stern leadership of Richard Tarity, CEO, and Eileen Wainwright, COO, the firm houses a very mature and experienced team of consultants who have been in the shoes of the buyers, growing up on the customer side and focusing on their needs by solving many of there all business problems. One of the significant tasks ahead for organizations lies in understanding IT and its relevance from an organizational point of view. By combining business apps, technology platforms, IT infrastructure, and cloud services, NascentHub, through its thought leadership,connects all the dots and delivers business capabilities with higher efficiency and quicker delivery. The firm makes it happen by offering, IT as a Service, and Unified Communications as a Service which has been a specialization, combined with advanced application integration and Customer experienced platforms along with Technology and Business Alignment consulting and Ongoing Support and Delivery. All these services are offered through flexible delivery models making it easier for customers to adopt the option that best suits their needs across various industry verticals including manufacturing, retail, professional services and healthcare, education/nonprofit, technology and other emerging markets.
“Work is no longer a place you go, it’s what you do”, this has been one of the adaptations of the firm and NascentHub truly has commemorated this within its culture and is also helping its customers migrate out of the traditional work environment to what NascentHub calls the Future of Work. Managing work in this dynamic and distributed mobile economy has been a demanding task. NascentHub conceptualizes this challenge as a highly rewarding task too; with the right foundation characterized by IT and business strategy, the firm allows seamless technology exchanges to exist between the evolving needs. In the words of Richard, “We are trying to make IT relevant in contrast with what’s been happening nowadays without proper business alignment and strategies. Thus we are helping companies add value through technology and overall business consulting.” Through the firm’s Cloud services, Unified communications with collaboration, IT Services and Business strategy, clients can now analyze and help themselves get to a plan and a strategy that allows them to adapt to the most novel technologies without any barriers. With the adoption, traditional assets and legacy applications are long gone giving way to new forms of communications and applications.

In the words of Eileen, “We are providing operational and technical consulting coupled with project management services that support the implementation, process development and user adoption of strategic IT platforms.” One of NascentHub’s specializations includes Unified Communications through which it helps companies to further deploy the technologies required to keep their people fully connected regardless of the location through telephony, video conferencing, web and audio conferencing, instant messaging and presence, and customer contact centers. The firm is currently catering to one of the largest privately held consulting companies in the world, spread across 70 countries and is efficiently managing their unified communications and worldwide video conferencing solutions. Be nascent with no more looking in the rear-view mirror on what worked in the past, this is what the firm believes in and has landed many organizations to work on innovative ways to encourage how both work and technology will be done in the future.


Wayne, PA

Richard Tarity, CEO

NascentHub is a leading technology and business consultancy focused on driving business transformation by solving evolving business challenges