National Service Alliance (NSA) a Quad Plus Company: Optimizing Oil and Gas Equipment Services

Reliable performance of drilling systems and equipment is the key to ensuring smooth and efficient upstream operations. Unexpected equipment breakdown and unplanned downtime can quickly snowball into an operational nightmare for oil and gas operators. As such, oil and gas companies and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are constantly exploring ways to optimize equipment operations to meet evolving industry demands and maximize efficiency. Moreover, the industry has embarked on a transitional journey to a cleaner, greener, sustainable, and low-carbon future by electrifying drilling, well completion, and service tools. Through electrical solutions, oil and gas companies are looking to reduce carbon footprint, realize lower maintenance costs, and improve the total cost of ownership.

Aligning itself with the latest developments in the industry, Quad Plus, an industry-leading system integrator, provides electrical control and automation systems, solutions, and services to serve all aspects of the petroleum industry. A Houston-based division founded by Quad Plus, National Service Alliance (NSA) provides customers with system design, fabrication, evaluation, optimization, service, and certification. The company offers both component and turn-key solutions for oil and gas players, including exploration & production (E&P) companies, OEMs, and service companies of upstream equipment to improve operational efficiency, increase reliability, and reduce carbon emissions.

Trusted Partner Delivering Forward-Thinking Engineered Solutions

Every client faces a different challenge, be it inefficient operation of a control system, problems in the drive system, the need for retrofit of obsolete systems, or the design of new equipment altogether. Quad Plus teams of electrification experts examine the customers’ system integration lifecycle to offer complete solutions. “Apart from upgrading our clients’ control systems, human machine interfaces (HMIs), and programmable logic controllers (PLCs), we also offer a fully integrated solution tailored to solve their specific challenges,” says Steve Pioppo, Financial, Operations, Marketing Manager at Quad Plus.

Electrification of remote equipment requires a wide range of engineering design to meet operational requirements while fulfilling the regulatory demands of the market. Quad Plus’ experience with process and sequencing systems facilitates development of robust system automation services and operator optimized control solutions for better safety and efficiency. The company also offers electrical engineering integration solutions along with aftermarket service/support. Unlike past solutions, electrical control systems offer opportunities for in-depth reporting of key data in real-time to reduce power consumption, gain efficiencies, and track data points for analysis of trends leading to reduced down time.

Quad Plus’ transportable electrification solutions leverage a variety of electrical and control technologies from trusted industrial equipment manufacturers. Transportable power distribution trailers provide electronic controls and switchgear between the power source and connected equipment to ensure continuous operation with protection against electrical faults.

Apart from upgrading our clients’ control systems, human machine interfaces (HMIs), and programmable logic controllers (PLCs), we also offer a fully integrated solution tailored to solve their specific challenges

By integration of high-horsepower pumps, application-specific motors, and variable frequency drives (VFDs), each service unit can deliver the same output, formerly requiring two or more diesel-powered trailers. With these new tools, service companies can realize lower environmental impact with dollars per horsepower savings. Additional savings can be realized through the reduced maintenance costs associated with electric motors and their supporting systems.

Quad Plus can provide custom equipment packaging to achieve specific size and functionality targets based on environmental conditions or footprint constraints. Integrating power and control systems into rugged, transportable protective enclosures assures undamaged arrival to remote, irregular terrain. Environmentally managed E-house facilities offer secure equipment performance, increased operational safety, and enhanced personnel protection when used for operator positions.

Catalyzing Customers’ Success

With decades of experience and deep-rooted knowledge of industrial control, process, and automation technologies, Quad Plus has served a diverse set of clients with efficient solutions. As a testament to this, Pioppo recalls their engagement with an oil industry OEM referred by its Electrical equipment manufacturing partner. The partner and their customer required expert assistance with the installation of a VFD and control system configuration. Quad Plus determined that the original proposed VFD and control system configuration did not fit within the customer’s required footprint for the industry-specific use. To this end, Quad Plus designed a custom configuration of standard components to meet the requirements for power density, mechanical stability, and transportability. To save space and reduce the overall part count, Quad Plus’ engineers chose a modular air-cooled inverter system as the basis for two 4000 ADC common bus lineups serving nine 600 HP motors at 600/690 VAC per lineup. A unique feature of the design was a tie circuit that connected two 4000 ADC busses to share energy and braking resources across 18 motors. All lineup components were installed in custom enclosures to minimize the footprint and provide maximum mechanical integrity to withstand transport from site to site. The oil industry customer was delighted with Quad Plus’ solution and quality of fabrication, pledging to partner with the company for power and control system needs for subsequent packages.

Steering ahead, Quad Plus focuses on expanding its reach and providing solutions to all the levels of the oil and gas industry. “We’re unique in this business because we can work with the service companies, the OEMs, and large integrated oil industry players in the market serving every level of the energy industry. We clearly understand their processes and offer high-level solutions rightly engineered to save time and money for everybody,” notes Pioppo.

National Service Alliance (NSA) a Quad Plus Company

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Quad Plus is an industry-leading system integrator providing electrical control and automation systems to serve all aspects of industry, including petroleum industry drilling, well completion, and manufacturing systems for land-based and offshore applications

National Service Alliance (NSA) A Quad Plus Company