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C.K. Park, President & CEO
According to IDC, the global IT industry transcended $4.5 trillion in 2017, with the United States becoming the most significant technical market in the world, representing 31 percent of the total projected growth. In the first quarter of 2018, the numbers have not decreased. CIOs and CFOs cite increasing customer demand along with the availability of emerging product and service categories as crucial contributors to the positive growth. Nationwide IT Services (NIS), who partners with several industry leading vendors such as Microsoft, Micro Focus, Pitney Bows, Cisco and others is one such company. NIS is managed by industry experts with extensive experience and capabilities, developing applications and solutions using Agile Methodology to reduce risk and improve delivery rate, while reducing total cost of ownership.

The ISO-certified U.S.-based firm has been rendering IT solutions, program management support services and subject matter expertise within different verticals since 2006 —the Federal Government, the Transportation Sector, Training, and Healthcare IT. “Doing the right thing, with the right approach for the right people, one can support applications across multiple verticals,” states C.K. Park, President and CEO.

NIS expertise with professional solutions includes Project Management, Engineering, Training, Cyber Security, and Service Management that is supported by industry certified professionals with responsibility and accountability. With every solution for the IT department, NIS focused approach harnesses iterative Agile software development methodologies that provide customer satisfaction by early and continuous delivery of valuable software. This approach helps NIS effectively manage changing requirements, even in later phases of development. Through the years, the success of this approach has pushed NIS to further recognize and utilize it in various types of environments. “We use the Agile iterative approach and are slowly moving towards the extreme Agile work environment where focus is on delivering software faster and more frequently, with rapid customer feedback against product delivery,” describes Park.

The CMMI-DEV/SVC Maturity Level 3 appraised company created a system engineering principle using all of these processes while developing the engineering models that improve process delivery. With extensive industry experience and highly skilled professionals, NIS provides an automated workflow within weeks verses months.

In one instance, one of its U.S. customers had deployed a solution developed by a global software vendor.

We bring value to our customers by helping them secure, analyze, and quickly utilize data that supports intelligent decisions

The customer later required upgrading their systems due to numerous inconsistences and compliance requirements of the Open Data Act mandated by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). The customer also realized they did not have any supporting documentation such as requirements, design, testing, or training. The firm proposed a solution to the customers for a new development project that would involve a long, arduous and expensive infrastructure development. Due to immediate regulatory compliance mandate, the customer needed an immediate solution while developing a more cost effective and permanent system. The U.S. customer turned to NIS seeking assistance, and options under severe time constraint. NIS proposed a two phased approach using SCRUM and Agile methodology to customize the system to meet the compliance as a first phase, followed by a custom development of a long term solution, which NIS satisfied the requirements. Park states: “We reverse engineered the entire system and updated compliance requirements in less than 90 days, making it complaint with the OMB mandate. Using extreme Agile approach, the solution was developed within nine months, migrating a significant amount of data (over 2TB) to a new system at a fraction of the cost of what was proposed by the global vendor.

With numerous other success stories and dedicated leadership across the nation, NIS in recent years has grown over 160 percent by the end of 2017. “We are anticipating another growth phase of 50 to 100 percent by the close of the 2018 calendar year and our revenue currently consists exclusively of 22 Prime contracts that span across 10 Federal Agencies,” Park states. This impressive growth is comprised of: 1) Enterprise wide IT Infrastructure and software development support;2) Management Consulting, Communications, and Program Management Support; 3) Cybersecurity compliance, assessments and management support; 4) mission critical technical support to an organization with world-wide footprint; and many other significant and highly visible programs. “All of these achievements would not be possible without the hard work, dedication and expertise of our talented engineers, management staff and employees who always deliver value-added services to our customers,” addresses Park.

Nationwide IT Services

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C.K. Park, President & CEO

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Nationwide IT Services