Nativeflow: Shielding Corporate Data on Mobile Devices

Tal Gilat, CEO
IT departments everywhere have to deal with the Bring-Your-Own- Device trend, but the jury is still out on whether BYOD is a blessing or a curse. This trend is not only challenging the CIO’s to provide end-to-end protection of enterprise data on mobile devices, but is also stretching the boundaries of corporate data beyond the office walls. “In such a scenario, CIOs are in dire need of a solution that solves all their mobility needs and protects data at-rest and in-transit, while providing users the ability to work productively and efficiently. And this is where we come in,” affirms Tal Gilat, Nativeflow CEO and a recognized Top 10 Mobility CEO in by CIO Review.

Nativeflow’s solution adds a protective shield that protects enterprise data while maintaining a truly native user experience for all users. The patent pending technology—AppDome— shields all data with enterprise grade protection, all without changing the functionality of native market apps and workflows. “This allows users to manage their personal emails and other social apps, while corporate data remains protected. And in addition, full user privacy is maintained and enterprise IT can ensure that data remains secured and compliant with all relevant regulations both in-transit and at-rest,” explains Gilat. The unique patent pending technology is based on the binary language, so no source code modifications or SDK integrations are required during the development life cycle. “This gives freedom to the users to focus on developing applications with the best user experience and user interface,” he adds.

The company also provides a comprehensive mobility platform that allows enterprises to use native email and market apps. This platform solves multiple mobile use cases and helps enterprise IT gain access to a management console, which provides out of the box dashboards with monitors, alerts and reports. On the other hand, Nativeflow’s Secure Web Access solution enables mobile users to access intranet portals and web applications in a native and secure manner.
All these capabilities enable the users who need to access important corporate information and files on-the-go, providing them with a seamless user experience, optimal performance and adherence to full regulatory compliance.

Nativeflow’s partnership with F5 enables joint customers to seamlessly deploy secure web access from any mobile device. The combined solution consolidates Nativeflow’s Secure Web Access to enterprise portals with F5’s Access Policy Manager and allows access to intranet portals via a native browser. “The combination makes it easy for clientsto gain access to files, corporate data and enterprise applications such as ERP systems, CRM systems and payment solutions,” notes Gilat.

For an elaborate understanding of Nativeflow’s solutions, consider the case involving a large U.S. based healthcare organization. The client’s association with Nativeflow, allowed them to securely protect patient ePHI (electronic Private Health Information) and abide to HIPAA and other compliance regulations. “This allowed caretakers such as doctors and nurses to focus on taking care of their patients, while patients and the healthcare organizations can ensure that the pHI remains secure and compliant,” claims Gilat. Another customer in the commercial retail industry implemented Nativeflow’s AppDome to protect all payments and transactions so that end customers and partners can securely and compliantly complete transactions via mobile devices.

Going forward, Nativeflow seeks to deepen its partnership with customers. “As companies continue to expand their mobility needs and requirements, we plan to expand our offerings to provide a full suite of solution for all the security and productivity needs that relate to mobility,” says Gilat. “We also plan to provide a crystal clear visibility into mobile data and application usages, which will help the organization to gain highly valuable productivity and BI insights,” he concludes.


New York, NY

Tal Gilat, CEO

A company that provides a comprehensive mobility platform with a truly native user experience, all without compromising on compliance, productivity or security