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Timmy Cheedala, CEO and Founder
Adopting and adapting to digital is more than an afterthought in business today. To stay relevant and competitive, it is of utmost importance for companies to initiate and progress their transition to digital transformation. “Transitioning businesses from legacy systems into the modern evolving systems in complicated environments is one of the biggest challenges that we have always managed for our clients,” begins Srinivas Cheedella, president and managing director of Natsoft. Established in the year 2004, the company provides flexible and evolutionary IT services through the life cycle of its customers’ applications portfolio.

With an entrepreneurial passion, Timmy Cheedala, CEO of Natsoft, founded this company to provide software development and system integration services. Initially, Natsoft embarked upon its journey with a primary goal to delight customers repeatedly through exceptional services and focused on long-term customer relationships. “We started with one office in US only and staffing as an offering,” adds Timmy. As years passed, the firm evolved and grew its capabilities as various C-suite professionals from reputed fortune 500 companies came on board. Today, Natsoft has 250 plus clients and branches in Australia, Singapore, India, and Canada.

“We have graduated from People as a Service and evolved to PaaS being redefined as Platform as a Service,” states Fred Jakobsen, vice president of business development and program management. Over the years, Natsoft has built products around Software as a Service, Data as a Service and is currently working on Compliance as a Service. Today, the company broadly provides in four different verticals. The first and foremost is solutions where Natsoft utilizes emerging technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud,big datalike Vertica and IoTto provide unique solutions back to a customer. Secondly, under the services banner, the company indulges in traditional managed services, implementation, and maintenance of ERP such as SAP or Oracle applications, CRM such as SalesForce or Siebel and migration from legacy to modern systems.
On the products front, Natsoft builds effective products leveraging new technologies. For instance, the firm has built a product called HiTrack using blockchain, and it provides complete food and farm traceability from the time a farmer sows the seed until it is harvested and sold in the market. HiTrack is mainly for the hemp industry, and it seamlessly helps agriculture companies stay compliant with stringent and cumbersome government statutory regulations says Shyam Mamidi, chief of products and solutions and CEO, Asia Pacific at Natsoft. Lastly, Natsoft provides business process management where the company takes responsibility for admin-related aspects such as billing and talent acquisition.

Natsoft aims to keep growing on its proven success mantra of evolving its capability by joining forces or investing in the newer ecosystems.

Together with Curtin University, Natsoft has set up an R&D lab in Australia to develop blockchain applications. When the university wanted a cryptocurrency to help its students learn practically on a ground level, Natsoft developed anapplication called Curtin Coin, and it could be used by students and professors alike within the university. Curtin Coin is one of its kind and a truly blockchain-based cryptocurrency. Students could pay in cafeteria with Curtin Coin while professors could reward students excelling through Curtin University’s academics adds Shyam.

“Our retention is quite remarkable as we always delight our clients with products, technological transformation, and digital solutions to help them create market differentiators,” states Timmy. Forging ahead, Natsoft aims to keep growing on its proven success mantra of evolving its capability by joining forces or investing in the newer ecosystems. The firm has recently grabbed a first-mover advantage by holding a stake in an upcoming game changer technology currently under development. Natsoft claims that this unnamed technology can develop products and applications on clicks, and in the future, it will bring a significant transformation and drastic changes in the entire market. Moreover, Natsoft has also invested in a clinical trial analytical solution that can penetrate the web and different applications and pull in all the benchmark data for clinical trials. It is vastly used across now as many companies are developing vaccines post COVID-19. “We cherry pick such opportunities and build up all together to provide more and more for our clients,” concludes Srinivas.


Somerset, NJ

Timmy Cheedala, CEO and Founder

Natsoft is a boutique global software consulting, application development, maintenance, staffing, and remote infrastructure company offering tailor-made services and solutions including using emerging technologies