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Fred Chan, Director - Disputes, Forensics & Legal Technology, Global Legal Technology Solutions
In an attempt to reduce cost and increase security, in-house legal and compliance teams of companies in Asia often get involved in re-engineering work processes including introduction of new technology. Moreover, with e-discovery and related predictive analytics being a new concept in Asia, organizations are screaming for deep functional, industry, and technical expertise, supported by the latest tools and technology, to help clients achieve the best possible outcome. Catering to this, Navigant created customized solutions for complex problems by using proven methodologies. Based in Chicago, Illinois and founded in 1999, Navigant offers a distinctive approach that relies on the highly responsive, entrepreneurial culture, and is combined with senior-level involvement.

Navigant engages with in-house IT and counsel to ensure that technology is best utilized and efficiently deployed. The company's Global Legal Technology Solutions (GLTS) team provides proactive and reactive solutions in the forensics and information security and incident response field along with end-to-end Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM). The solution controls data management, predictive coding and analytics and structured data analytics for transaction monitoring, data lineage and mapping, and other enterprise data systems review, assessment, and analysis.

NavPredict by Navigant's GLTS is designed to demystify conventional black-box predictive coding tools by increasing its transparency. The solution offers optimum accuracy, prioritizes relevance and reduces the need for manual document review. It provides users with complete control over a wide range of preprocessing parameters, to help further improve the model and its accuracy. The product is perfectly designed for state-of-the-art demands due to its capability to build models in a fraction of the time.

To bring in such advanced features in their solution, Navigant has leveraged industry-leading technologies to support their expertise.

Navigant’s GLTS team provides proactive and reactive solutions in the forensics and information security and incident response field

Navigant GLTS team customizes client solution for every investigatory and litigious matter. Navigant also develops custom solutions in the advanced analytics space for efficient processing and cost reduction. These solutions have been assisting clients in the field of corporations and law firms globally by addressing their regulatory investigations, litigation, and other distressed situations.

One such client was an international law firm. Navigant worked with them on behalf of a transportation and logistics company which has a large footprint in Asia. In an attempt to investigate potential fraudulent money transfers, Navigant discovered that there was an unusually high amount of failed login attempts for multiple client-based accounts. An in-depth analysis of the email archives showed that return email addresses had been baffled by external users. Leveraging its expertise from London and Hong Kong cyber response and forensic teams Navigant offered the client around-the-clock support and assistance. "Our support helped the client quickly understand the issues at hand, act to resolve and negate the ongoing system breach, and know the best ways to avoid infringements of that nature in the future," says Fred Chan, Director GLTS, Navigant.

The company's efforts towards providing end to end solution to its clients helped Navigant build a long-term relationship with its customers. Navigant was also named as one of the best midsize employers in America (2017) by Forbes. "Our team of experts is continuously evaluating and assessing new technologies that will shape and alter their market and seek to be early adopters of this industry-shifting technology," concludes Chan.

Navigant Consulting

Chicago, IL

Fred Chan, Director - Disputes, Forensics & Legal Technology, Global Legal Technology Solutions

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