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For all the green bills spent by organizations on R&D, there often remains a persistent and troubling gap between the inherent value of the technology and its ability to put it to work effectively. At a time of fierce global competition, the distance between technical promise and genuine achievement is of grave concern. Bridging the ever-widening gap is Navint Partners. Through their Technology Deployment & Integration services, Navint mitigates the risks associated with failed or poor technology implementations. The firm has a proven track record in securing client success through the implementation and deployment of enterprise systems from major software vendors, both on premises and in the cloud (SaaS).

Focusing on Oracle technology, Sudbury, MA-based firm deploy application functionality to meet business requirements by comprehending the overall Enterprise Architecture. With their robust PMO, Transformation and IT Architecture methodologies, Navint Partners assists an organization to deploy technology which is tailored to accommodate their critical business requirements as well as the demands of IT environment. “At Navint, we believe that a business’ ultimate potential is directly tied to the proper alignment of people, processes, and enterprise technology,” adds James Martindale, Managing Director, Navint Partners. The gap adjacent the current state and proposed blueprint, training, change management, and the maintenance of executive and business sponsorship in an organization is analyzed and managed by the firm’s Technology Deployment & Integration processes.

Equipped with years of experience in enterprise system/ERP implementations, Navint Partners holds expertise in minimizing the disruptions and encouraging fluidity during Technology Deployment & Integration. “Our senior-level consultants will remain on-site for the duration of the project to ensure clear communication between internal and external stakeholders and to address key concerns involving cost containment, scope management, and benefit realization,” elaborates Martindale.

Not only Oracle Technology Deployment & Integration, but the enterprise also prides on its ability to match the right technology to the achievement of critical business goals for a particular organization.

At Navint, we believe that a business’ ultimate potential is directly tied to the proper alignment of people, processes, and enterprise technology

By ensuring that employees are considered throughout the change process, the firm also ensure that upgrades in technology are accep`ted, adapted, and ultimately yield greater effectiveness. Navint specializes in the methodology and tools that are necessary to properly assess Oracle technologies in an organization.

The end-to-end software vendor lifecycle process: from initial engagement and RFI/RFP to demo scheduling and management is also managed by the Navint Technology Selection process, serving as a trusted Oracle Technology partner for an organization. A comprehensive Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) model is built by Navint Partners into the process of an organization, which assists users in understanding not only the software price, but also the cost of implementation, comprehensive training of applicable personnel and ongoing support.

Moving forward, the company is closely watching Oracle, on their key product across the SaaS or Cloud space—as they are maturing and transforming the space. Navint Partners will not only concentrate on Oracle’s chief products and services but will also continue to offer extensive services across the technology landscape and their key acquisitions. “Oracle will always be our periphery. We look forward in taking this technological partnership forward, and keep investing in their products,” concludes Martindale.

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