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Sumeet Sabharwal, GM, NaviSite
As more and more companies seek to reinvent their business model in a digital economy and improve their agility and speedto- market, the need for a more robust, flexible, and scale IT infrastructure has become a critical success factor. With Cloud technologies on the rise, companies now have an opportunity to create an overall IT fabric that is flexible, consumable in a metered pay-as-you-go type model, with access to scale the associated compute and storage resources on-the-fly to align with business demand, geographic expansion, and pressing compliance and security challenges. Further, virtualizing the traditional IT infrastructure and shifting it from physical devices and services to ones that are virtualized in a softwaredefined model has unlocked tremendous automation. With the click of a button, new servers and IT resources can be made available, thereby unlocking the kind of agility that could never exist with traditional procurement, installation, and setup cycles in the pre-Cloud era. This put together enables traditional IT departments within most of the mid-market and enterprise companies to now reinvent their traditional operation model, and transform themselves into a service bureau by partnering with service providers like NaviSite.

Transforming IT Infrastructure into a More Agile Platform

Andover, MA based NaviSite is a leading international provider of enterpriseclass, cloud-enabled hosting, managed applications and services. “We partner with customers in the mid-market and enterprise segment to transform their IT infrastructure into a more agile and efficient enabler of their business growth by leveraging Cloud technologies, and in the process lower their capital and operational costs,” says Sumeet Sabharwal, GM, NaviSite. He goes onto add “We are in early stages of a significant transformation underway in our market as more and more companies shift away from a captive, fixed-cost, in sourced IT model to a ‘as-a-service’ model for their IT consumption – one where they are redeploying internal IT talent further upthe- stack to focus on unlocking business growth and enabling increased business agility by consuming the traditional IT resources in a outsourced service-oriented model.” This is reflected in the aggressive adoption of Cloud-based services and the continued double-digit growth of the Cloud market.
There are several factors that distinguish NaviSite from what is increasingly a crowded-landscape in managed hosting and cloud. This includes a demonstrated track record, broad portfolio of innovative services strong capabilities in the applications arena, a robust set of compliance and security credentials, and high touch engagement model.

The Product Suite

NaviSite’s product portfolio is aimed at providing mid-market and enterprise customers with a complete end-to-end solution to transform and run their entire IT stack in a hosted, outsourced Cloudenabled model. As part of this the key services include a comprehensive Cloud portfolio that spans across both end user computing and data center virtualization. NaviSite’s Managed Hosting capabilities are aimed at providing customers with an enterprise-grade and resilient ITinfrastructure service, with additional wrappers to address compliance and security needs across specific industries.Additionally NaviSite also delivers a complete end-to-end managed application solution for customers running Oracle & Microsoft Dynamics products, and has optimized its Cloud Infrastructure Services to run these workloads.

NaviSite’s innovative portfolio and its flexible consumption model have attracted several mid-market and enterprise customers who are seeking to enhance and improve their overall agility and drive greater efficiencies. One such example in the financial services vertical is Cooper GaySwett & Crawford (CSGSC), one of the world’s largest global wholesale and reinsurance brokers. NaviSite was able to quickly design and implement infrastructure robust and comprehensive ‘IT-as-a-service’ solution in a fairly tight time frame, and ensure compliance against the customer’s security and compliance regulations.

Despite all the hype, the market is in early stages of Cloud adoption and there is a tremendous opportunity for a more disruptive model of delivering IT services, one that goes beyond simply driving cost efficiencies to enabling a flexible, dynamic organization of the future. Continued advances in big data, analytics, cloud, social, and mobile technologies are redefining the IT platform of the future and NaviSite is uniquely positioned to take full advantage of this.


Andover, MA

Sumeet Sabharwal, GM, NaviSite

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