nazdaqTechnologies: Cost Effective Advanced Banking Solutions for the Enterprise

CIO VendorNaz Ahmed, CEO
Banking in the developing countries is most commonly dealing with many infrastructural challenges as opposed to developed banks where raising a capital has not been a worry. In terms of power, internet connectivity, payment gateways and other redundancies, developing banks have been unable to materialize solutions which are equally important to them as they are to the developed banks. With the cost of operation continually rising, and the need to keep pace with updated technologies gaining a primary position, banks in the developing countries are faced with challenges to provide on-demand services to their largely increasing customer base.

Headquartered in New York, with offices in Europe & Asia, nazdaqTechnologies is a dynamic Technology Consulting firm that has been an imperative force in providing advance banking solutions, more recently,to developing countries. Finding the gap that existed between the developed and the developing sectors, nazdaqTechnologies at its very best has been dispensing modern technology solutions to developing banks which are at extensive use within the first world states. “We specialize in banking technology, we are not generalists – we are experts in our fields and originate from the businesses we server”, says nazdaqTechnologies CEO, Naz Ahmed.

Innovating Tirelessly

Determined in carving innovative ways in providing solutions, the firm has been primarily focusing on easing the payment gateways to facilitate swift transactions where historically, developing banks lagged as they practiced manual operations. The firm has done this by incorporating a cost effective model taking into account the local complexities like the internet band width issues, power issues to name a few. One of the other areas where the company has demonstrated its solutions is in the virtualization arena. The firm offers private cloud virtualization solutions to companies who have
been using IT at an increasing rate with alimited infrastructure to play with. This has been a fruitful implementation to companies leveraging nazdaqTechnologies cloud virtualization solutions.

Understanding the Market Space

The firm has been offering banking solutions in terms of payment, business process automation, auto trading and in general AML solutions.The banking solutions overall have been a costly affair considering the cost involved, the support offered and the personalization of solutions which has compelled banks to merge together to rely on co-banking solutions.This is where nazdaqTechnologies has differentiated itself. By having understood the local markets from a service perspective, technology perspective and a development perspective, the firm has been providing value added services to the developing countries targeting their vibrant markets. nazdaqTechnologies essentially brings first world technologies to the doorsteps of the Banks in developing countries.

nazdaqTechnologies desire for creativity & innovation; their business expertise and in-depth technical knowledge coupled together with their utmost commitment, from beginning to end ensures their clients achieve their goals.

“Our objective is to help our clients understand their problem and find the best solutions to their problem. We work tirelessly with our clients to help them see where they can profitably apply technical innovations to their business problems, enhance productivity, increase operational efficiency, reduce operating costs and finally access new markets.”

Roadmap Ahead

On the road map ahead, nazdaqTechnologies plans to further banking automation and deploy more private clouds in developed banks. The objective is to have a single data center set up for a bank - private cloud style and then have every department sharing the central resources. “Virtualization and private cloud is a big push for us in Asiaand we are looking to extend our reach into Africa and South America and provide banking solutions with markets in the developing world,” says Naz.


Naz Ahmed, CEO

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