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JT Giri, Co-Founder & CEO
JT Giri’s passion for solving complex operations challenges dates to when EC2 was in beta and before “DevOps” got its name. Founding nClouds’ was a natural progression, focusing his passion for assisting companies with digital transformation by leveraging modern infrastructures and DevOps practices. He opines that the adoption of a DevOps culture is a required, but typically difficult, stepping stone in creating organizations that deliver quality products efficiently, predictably, and with shorter development cycles. Noting there’s always a bit of magic in the evolution of an organization’s culture, Giri believes culture evolves from collaborative learning and achievements, both wins and failures, that create a common foundation and sense of empowerment for team members. nClouds plays a deliberate role in creating that can-do attitude with clients. Most often they join as partners to existing teams for their technical expertise in CI/CD pipelines, containers, micro-services, managed services, and migration, to drive adoption of DevOps and cloud.

With more than 250 successful DevOps AWS implementations, 500 deployed pipelines, and a decade of experience, nClouds is one of the industry’s leading AWS consulting partners. Leveraging a DevOps culture themselves, nClouds helps organizations of all sizes with modern infrastructure. Fostering a valued partnership with AWS as certified Advanced Consulting Partner and Managed Service Provider, with DevOps Competency, nClouds helps clients to reap the benefits of the cloud environment by helping deliver a great experience to their customers. The company frequently engages with clients to deliver an assessment and in many cases a proof-of-concept that evaluates business objectives, existing assets, skill sets, and resources—and defining the project’s starting path, ultimately.

“What’s really exciting about the intersection of DevOps and cloud is that it’s about enabling the business directly,” says Giri, who offered a current client example. A leading enterprise cloud data management company was experiencing slow onboarding of a major application with its end-customers. This was slowing sales, customer adoption, and account penetration. nClouds migrated the existing single-tenant, on-premises app to multi-tenant on AWS, migrated a pilot client, and built an automation infrastructure to migrate and onboard hundreds of clients.

Building a DevOps culture with clients creates the right environment for technical success, business results, and long-term client relationships

The results, after migrating the first 15 clients–the time required to fully onboard a client was reduced from months to days. That makes the business happy.

As is their practice at nClouds to share knowledge and methods to improve service delivery efficiency and client success, the team created a tool to manage changes to AWS environments. nOps emerged as a commercial SaaS tool for modern change management. It provides visibility to changes in the AWS infrastructure and an easy-to-use process for auto-approving most cloud service requests. To handle exceptions, nOps includes a design tool for creating custom workflows for routing to reviewers and integrating with typical developer tools like Slack, HipChat and JIRA—allowing just-enough control without sacrificing speed. “nOps is for teams that are getting crushed by the volume and velocity of cloud service requests and are finding themselves ill-equipped to control cloud costs, compliance, and security,” explains Randy Newell, CMO, nClouds. “What’s more, it can provide the change detail behind your incidents,” adds Giri.

nClouds heads into 2018 energized by helping companies build sustainable, cloud-native systems for delivering software faster. Enterprises continue to adopt DevOps practices and cloud at lightning rates. That spells exciting projects for nClouds like migrating major enterprise workloads to cloud, new DevOps deployment pipelines, and lots of opportunities to help teams implement modern change management processes with nOps. Giri indicates that the integrated client service model, where nClouds teams are typically embedded with client teams, continues as nCloud’s hallmark. He says, “Building a DevOps culture with clients creates the right environment for technical success, business results, and long-term client relationships.”


San Jose, CA

JT Giri, Co-Founder & CEO and Randy Newell, CMO

nClouds is a DevOps and cloud consultancy and service provider specializing in modern infrastructures