Ncompass: Transforming Businesses with NetSuite Solutions

With the supersonic acceleration in the field of technology, the future of cloud computing is becoming even more influential. The unified power of the cloud is playing a vital role in changing today’s business environment and operations especially in the NetSuite's domain. Organizations are depending on NetSuite platforms for rapid visualization of complex business information, which is helping them to achieve greater business objectives. Consultancy firms are coming to the forefront with their innovative offerings to transform businesses by seamlessly implementing NetSuite. In this current scenario, Atlanta based Ncompass is a technology services consulting organization delivering best in class NetSuite implementation, training, support and NetSuite custom development solutions. “With more than a decade of NetSuite experience, our team of decisive business specialists’ design and implement innovative business solutions using the power of NetSuite,” says Paul Forsyth, Co-Founder, Ncompass.

Ncompass has a wide spectrum of services that meet the critical requirements of various customers. The company offers personalised implementation intelligence to help organizations accelerate the order-to-cash process, improve employee management through self-service, and reduce IT costs. Ncompass' best-in-class implementation methodology ensures that the transitioning to NetSuite is as smooth as possible. “Our seamless integration takes company’s busi- ness beyond traditional accounting software systems, streamlining back-office processes and equipping them with the visibility needed to make quicker and informative decisions,” explains Forsyth.

Ncompass provide comprehensive training programs for NetSuite customers. The company works diligently to learn the client organization’s business requirements so that they can deliver the best possible solution, accommodating current processes.“Our thorough and in-depth consultation exactly determines the design to be implemented for the optimal NetSuite experience and we further customize the workflows to improve the business,” says Forsyth.

To distinguish itself in the Netsuite landscape, the company offers tailor-made implementation services that help the company to get a comprehensive view of business processes across sectors.
“Ncompass’ approach is to maintain the highest level of quality, reduce the risk for clients during implementation, and enhance speed of adoption,” points out Forsyth. The company’s first-rate services set it apart from other NetSuite consultants. “As a reseller specializing only in NetSuite products, Ncompass consultants are the experts when it comes to ensuring product configuration, implementation, and support, says Forsyth.

Our thorough and in-depth consultation exactly determines the design to be implemented for the optimal NetSuite experience

For instance, ESET LLC, a security solution provider was facing major organizational complications. ESET was failing to view customer records leading to mishandled inquiries. As the business multiplied annually, the company needed enterprise-grade infrastructure without adding IT staff. The company wanted a highly flexible solution without typical high ERP costs. On implementation of Ncompass’ services, ESET’s monthly E-store orders increased from 4,000 to 30,000 in 4 years. With the flawless implementation of Netsuite solutions, the company could tighten anti-fraud controls, leading to reduction in charge backs by a factor of 8. “By utilizing our proven implementation methodology coupled with industry leading NetSuite solutions, our customers experience success and gain unprecedented value for their investment,” says Forsyth.

Moving forward, Ncompass plans for a significant expansion in their consultancy services. “Our NetSuite knowledge will enable us to continue realizing our goal of building a centre of excellence,” concludes Forsyth.


Atlanta, GA

Paul Forsyth, Co-Founder

Provides best in class NetSuite implementation, training, supports and NetSuite custom development solutions.