NCP: Driving Network Compatibility in a Secure Way

Patrick Oliver Graf, CEO
The idea of NCP was conceived at a time when mainframes and 3270 terminal emulations represented the mature IT market. The IT landscape has become more and more heterogeneous over the years, and customers now require solutions that are as open and compatible as possible, while also providing maximum security and reliability. NCP designs solutions that directly address these challenges, offering customers a centrally managed and universal IPSec VPN software platform to cater to their security needs. NCP evolved from solutions based on hardware to a security vendor and leading remote access software solution provider.

For a company like NCP, which has been charting its course in the Juniper landscape, its strategic partnership helped enable it to design highly secure IPsec VPNs. “Juniper has selected NCP’s VPN client for Windows as the preferred and recommended solution for Juniper VPN gateways, running Junos and Netscreen operating systems,” says Patrick Oliver Graf, CEO of NCP Engineering. “NCP looks several years out anticipating customers’ remote access challenges, which allows us to think ahead and get a head start on development before our competition.”

“The Secure Enterprise Management (SEM) is part of an easy-to-use VPN infrastructure, which allows administrators to take full control of the company’s remote access environment,” Graf points out. Further, the NCP software provides network connectivity and security while allowing employees to be productive and also reducing IT costs. Every project starts with the initial VPN software rollout for administration and rights management for mobile users. The VPN client suite provides intelligent, always-on functionality for mobile users.A user is not required to take additional action if the Internet connection is temporarily lost or becomes unstable, as the NCP VPN client automatically reconnects seamlessly.Annual maintenance contracts ensure the latest NCP software releases deliver the same level of security.

When Juniper discontinued white labeling their SafeNet client for Remote Access Services (RAS), Sprint looked for a new solution for Windows 7 users.
Sprint tested the NCP Secure Client Juniper Edition internally and adopted the NCP client for RAS customers with Windows 7 environments.

NCP’s remote access software was further underscored and endorsed by Juniper. The NCP Secure Client-Juniper Edition, a VPN client, supports multi-certificate configurations and multi-factor authentication methods, including OTP tokens. It also corroborates strong data encryption based on the Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) public-key algorithm, which is compliant with The Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) for maximum security. NCP’s solution is preferred in Juniper enterprise environments with a large number of mobile users. This preference is further extended to divergent verticals like insurance companies, the financial and healthcare sectors, and cloud and Internet service providers.

Juniper has selected NCP's VPN client for Windows as the preferred and recommended solution for Juniper VPN gateways running Junos and Netscreen operating systems

NCP was the first to market with a 64-bit VPN client, the first vendor to provide a universal VPN client for Android, and the first to offer an IPsec VPN client that supports Windows 10. These past achievements have paved the way for further innovations. Aside from secure, remote access solutions, NCP is also focusing on emerging markets for the Internet of Things (IOT). Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication and Intelligent and connected cars are two such markets that require smart and secured solutions.


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Patrick Oliver Graf, CEO

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