Nebbia Technology: A Single Platform to Drive Multiple ALM Solutions

Esteban Garcia, Owner and Chief Technologist
The Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) industry is witnessing tremendous development by formulating progress in process automation, acquiring the right metrics, continuous improvement, and integrating cross-platform teams. Of late, companies in the ALM landscape have been focusing on the need to furnish information from production into the software development stream. Addressing this necessity, Nebbia Technology, a software company, is concentrating on understanding the relationship between development and IT operations to apply automation and integration across the entire software development process – from the vision phase, to developing the product, deployment, and post-production support in the ALM landscape. Headquartered in Orlando, FL, the company primarily specializes in ALM best practices and Azure-based solutions.

“We are ALM experts and help clients to get the most out of their tools and software development process,” expresses Esteban Garcia, Owner and Chief Technologist, Nebbia Technology. The company focuses on better-defined solutions to guide organizations to close the gaps, observed during the ALM assessment process by applying Agile software engineering best practices, creating build and release pipelines, and getting continuous feedback from production through manual and automated metrics. Subsequently, Nebbia Technology helps clients to understand Cloud based solutions and the need to leverage the cloud to enhance the software development process. “We can help organizations to take the leap into the Cloud with the power of Azure. We have years of experience in successfully deploying and leveraging Azure to give the clients the scalability and flexibility that they expect while keeping their applications secure and fast,” says Garcia.

Additionally, the company also provides services on the custom software development. This allows Nebbia Technology to offer their customers the ability to leverage the capabilities that Azure adds to the ALM process. This includes Visual Studio Online (TFS in the cloud), using Azure VM’s to enhance organizations’ Dev-Test scenarios, and providing guidance based on years of software development experience. The company also has expertise in product management, build automation, testing, release management, and operations to enhance productivity of the clients.

We hire the best ALM and Agile software practitioners, which helps us stay on top of the latest trends and best practices

During the course of the ALM engagements, Nebbia Technology works with people across all roles in the software development process. “We closely partner with our clients to be able to offer a single platform for different challenges they face,” says Garcia. The company’s custom software development services are accompanied with Agile software development best practices. As a result, clients learn and are part of the Agile process and are exposed to best practices while projects are delivered. The company’s consultants and trainers are able to provide value that goes far beyond the initial engagement of the company with their clients. “We hire the best ALM and Agile software practitioners, which helps us stay on top of the latest trends and best practices,” implies Garcia. The company has built a team of people that collaborates with the clients to provide the right solutions for their challenges. Their consultants are Microsoft Visual Studio, TFS, and Azure experts that provide Agile consulting, mentoring, guidance, and tool training.

“Our expertise in Microsoft’s ALM tools places us in a position to provide customers with superior consultants with the ability to position companies to leverage the current and future tools,” adds Garcia. For the road ahead, the company plans to keep strengthening their ALM and Azure offerings, collaborating with the industry on Agile concepts, and strengthening their partnership with Microsoft. “We want to be the leading Microsoft-focused software consulting firm in Central Florida, and also extend dominance to the Southeast region and beyond,” concludes Garcia.

Nebbia Technology

Orlando, FL

Esteban Garcia, Owner and Chief Technologist

Nebbia Technology partners with organizations to create software products that leverage Microsoft technologies while applying best practices in Application Lifecycle Management