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Shainan Patel, President
Project management activities have been recognized as critical in their utilization across various industry domains. However, challenges stemming due to erratic standards and practices have left a chasm in established standards. “NeevSys Inc. recognizes these gaps as a result of inconsistencies in status reporting, and bundles solutions in a comprehensive suite in order to achieve cost optimization and enrich customer experience to increase business value and workforce satisfaction,” states Shainan Patel, President, NeevSys Inc. Furthermore, missing initial baseline plans to assess statuses of project schedules can result in tedious integration challenges for any organization.

NeevSys’s mainstay solution— House of Project Management (HPM) is a web-based solution that is implemented to manage an Enterprise Program Management Office (EPMO), right from the point of conception to delivery, providing total lifecycle development support. HPM is adapted from the Project Management Institute (PMI) Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide), and NeevSys custom processes. HPM is both a facilitator and an oversight body of the portfolio of projects. As a facilitator, the HPM deploys sound processes, policies, metrics, tools, and training across the enterprise to decrease portfolio risk. As an oversight body, the HPM consolidates and analyzes portfolio performance metrics to identify problem areas.

The company employs Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) in order to resolve integration-related challenges. Through the effective implementation of NeevSys’s HPM, a sharp decline of stalled projects has been observed. For example, NeevSys was approached by a healthcare agency to organize, develop, and support their mission critical application, database applications, websites, and other solutions. Several facets of lifecycle software database development were clubbed together, which included the designing and maintaining of institutional websites in both public and private domains. In order to streamline schedules, scope, and financial information of the healthcare agency’s projects, NeevSys deployed HPM to provide proactive governance for the agency’s portfolio of projects. This led to the development of a hierarchical project review as well as issue resolution amongst the varying divisions of the enterprise and enabled the deployment of sound processes, policies, metrics, tools, and training across the enterprise to decrease portfolio risk which was further bolstered by strictly adhering to the practice of System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) to develop Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)-based web and database applications.
As a direct result of NeevSys’s solutions, the probabilities of double entries were negated, boosting productivity and efficiency. Monthly order numbers now exceed 20,000, implying savings of up to $1.2 million a year in labor costs. On a broader canvas, this greater efficiency has given room for the agency to process an increased number of orders and with lesser staff too. A resulting increase in savings is being diverted toward furthering research, rather than administration, which contributes in fortifying the healthcare agency’s mission.

NeevSys’s HPM delivers proactive solutions to assess risks and conduct contingency planning, thereby rationalizing risks well before they branch into issues

Catering toward resolving clients’ most resilient integration challenges that usually arise during a technology lifecycle, NeevSys’s solutions bring an integrated perspective that the company believes is key to unlocking the true value of big technology investments. Proven mature methodologies and tools and accelerators project a unique approach in delivering complex solutions; which effectively render NeevSys’s solutions one-of-a-kind in the project management arena.

Advancing ahead, NeevSys is currently growing at 60 percent rate which the company is aiming to sustain over the next five years. “On the geographical front, 2016 will oversee the opening of an offshore-development center in India to provide price competitiveness owing to the intended onshore-offshore model,” concludes Patel on an optimistic note.


Chantilly, VA

Shainan Patel, President

Provides comprehensive project management solutions, with special focus on integration challenges across the technology lifecycle