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Luke Normington, Managing Director
Consider a typical case of a ‘hit and run’ where the law enforcement department has minimal information about the description and whereabouts of the vehicle in question. Supposing that their intel on the case is confined to the color and brand of the vehicle and a partial license plate number, the investigative efforts of law enforcement departments would still be futile. If only the law enforcement agencies had the right technological support to back their investigation and help them in achieving more precision on the suspect’s location. Eliminating this technological limitation around vehicle safety and security is Neology—a technology leader and a pioneer specialized in the development of the most innovative detection technologies including Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR), passive radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology and Vehicle Identification solutions, owning some of the earliest and most significant intellectual property (IP) in the industry.

Safety of one’s life and possessions is a basic human right, and to protect this right is the virtue of the law. Neology deeply resonates with this principal while progressing on its pursuit to offer its best expertise in road and vehicle safety and helping the law enforcement bodies in ensuring that. In addition to their flagship ALPR and passive RFID solutions, Neology offers development and deployment of automatic vehicle identification (AVI) applications, which also includes Vehicle Registration, Electronic Tolling, Vehicle Importation Control, and Enforcement Solutions. With a mission to provide best-in-class automated LPR solutions, software, and services, the company strives for a safer and smarter world, while helping its customers in increasing productivity, curbing criminal activities, and enhancing transportation, safety, and efficiency. As a technological partner to several law enforcement and transit agencies across the US and beyond borders, Neology’s solutions have found a widespread application in open road tolling, parking management, low emission, access control, and other traffic mobility activities.
Neology has recently acquired the “Mantis” platform, a high-performance vehicle recognition solution and integrated it with Neology’s IRIS Fixed Camera and Golden Eagle mobile platforms that are used in a range of tolling and mobility applications. Luke Normington, managing director at Neology states, “With the help of our solutions, our clients in the law enforcement agencies have achieved massive operational benefits including reduction in investigative efforts and an increase in the probability of finding the missing vehicle by 20 percent.” Generating significant operational impact for its customers, Neology’s solutions are also exceptionally effective in tax collection, pollution control, and congestion charges.

Drawing attention toward Neology’s expertise in LPR, Normington lists out the various factors that govern Neology’s success in building a robust LPR technology. According to him, although a multitude of providers in the market claim to specialize in developing LPR only a handful of them possess the core awareness of developing truly global and credible software.For instance, In the USA, license plate regulations vary from state to state for all the 50 different states. Normington explains, “Working in this industry for more than 30 years and witnessing a million challenges first-hand, our engineers understand the LPR domain in and out, which gives us the competitive edge, flexibility, and the unmatched expertise in developing remarkable LPR solutions.” Pivoting this expertise into different application areas of law enforcement, transportation, and clinical assessment, Neology commands a unique stature in the market. “As a record of our experience, we have deployed and supported more 60,000 ALPR systems in over 100 countries across the globe through our PIPS Technology business unit,” adds Normington.

Post the ‘Mantis’ software platform acquisition, Neology is now entering into the machine vision market to reinforce its software side of the business. “One needs incredibly strong software, in order to make sense of the data being captured by all the cameras and devices used in AVI, thus we are pivoting our development towards the emerging needs of our customers who look to derive deeper insight and meaning from the data they collect, process and retain,” concludes Normington.


San Diego, CA

Luke Normington, Managing Director

Specializes in the development of Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR), passive RFID technology, AVI mobile and fixed solutions, software, and services for the law enforcement, municipal, and commercial organizations