Neon AI: Trailblazing A New Era Of Voice Technology

Daniel McKnight, Lead Engineer / Developer Relations Manager Walk into a department store and the voice of an AI assistant greets you. It even communicates in a language of your choosing. The AI kiosk, with the help of its built-in, interactive voice user interface, also answers questions and offers product information to guide you in making purchases.

If this vision was always relegated to the confines of science fiction, Neon AI has turned it into a reality. With its cutting-edge open-source conversational AI platform, Neon AI is helping clients across healthcare, retail, education, and manufacturing industries embrace conversational AI for a wide array of applications.

While voice assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are transforming the ways customers check weather updates, order a pizza, or set reminders, these AI assistants are built on closed platform systems that require enterprise developers to design their voice assistant services inside a walled garden and develop the platform exactly how the device manufacturers want, resulting in their total control of user data.

Amid widespread data-privacy concerns, these platforms automatically raise questions about privacy standards. In addition, the closed ecosystem is compatible with limited devices, and has restricted browser compatibility and crossplatform functionality. Neon AI is transcending these voice assistant services boundaries with a much-needed touch of privacy and reliability.

“Leveraging the power of open-source programming, we are delivering a first-of-its-kind, privacy-respecting, conversational AI software that can be customized according to various enterprise applications,” says Elon Gasper, CTO of Neon AI.

Driving Productivity with Customized Voice Technology

Driven by the belief that the course of technological progress should be determined by developers, labs, and universities around the world, Neon AI promotes Open Source in Perpetuity. In this regard, Neon AIs software development kit comes with an integrated suite of solutions for conversation processing, natural language comprehension, transcription, language translation, and database integration, providing a broad range of conversational AI capabilities. It enables users to collaboratively build on the pre-existing source code, allowing them perpetual freedom over their code while maintaining data privacy.
As Neon AIs Lead Engineer and Developer Relations Manager Daniel McKnight says, “Though many other platforms claim to be open-source, different license terms and development practices limit their use, especially for enterprise applications. By empowering customers with a fully open-source solution with straight-forward licensing, Neon AI effectively delivers customized services for its clients’ specific needs and challenges, while allowing those customers to grow independently.”

Neon AIs software development experts work in concert with clients and engage in collaborative conversations on goals for the conversational software. Based on the discussions regarding their unique business requirements, Neon AI assists clients in creating custom voice user interfaces.

In one notable instance, a client was unable to transfer audio files back to their home base on a VPN because of contractual and legal obligations. Neon AI was called in to implement a server to privately harbor the audio offline. It deployed a technology called Device Independent API for Neon AI Applications (DIANA), meant to foster application development with a full collection of utilities for common enterprise administration tasks. The customer was able to deploy the open-source code on their server while automating the setup and installation of the business application and ensuring a smooth transfer of the audio.

Bringing Polyglot Conversational AI to the Masses

Dedicated to taking voice assistant technology to the next level, Neon AI has developed a wide selection of over 20 foreign languages for use in speech to text and voice recognition services and drives widespread acceptance of a truly polyglot conversational AI.

Neon AIs trailblazing platform is also equipped with transfer learning technology to train the AI technology to adopt new languages. It enables the platform to learn much more effectively versus starting from scratch, which makes this aspect of conversational AI technology vital for various operations, such as work instructions, global education, and customer service needs.

Building a Larger Community of Open-Source Developers

Believing in the strength of constant innovation, Neon A works in partnership with various organizations to further push the limitations of voice assistant technologies. It is currently part of a consortium including Mycroft AI and Open Voice Operating System. Its objective is to integrate edge devices with conversational AI.

These organizations, all of which offer their own product, formed a community where Mycroft AI developed an off-theshelf, 5-inch voice assistant console that sits on a desk. It is powered by OVOS specialized operating system and Neon AIs cutting-edge open-source software. Mycroft AI is now about to ship its Mark II smart speaker device, and Neon AI is working hand-in-hand with the company and OVOS to help customers across different industries have a great voice experience without sacrificing privacy.
Neon AI is a “Mycroft Channel Partner”, and recently delivered the Neon AI system as a “plug-and-play” enterprise operating system, for the Mycroft Mark II device. The Neon AI powered Mycroft AI Mark II has state-of-the-art features for conversational applications and skills, and Neon AI’s downloadable open source software for the Mycroft Mark II is available to enterprise developers. The Mark II, integrated with the Neon AI conversational platform, can operate with WiFi or ethernet, even without an internet connection for more secure applications. Neon AI can connect to on-premises servers for application data integration and on-premises STT and TTS.

Leveraging the power open-source programming, we are delivering a first-of-its-kind, privacy-respecting conversational AI software that can be customized according to various enterprise applications

Neon AI is available to enterprises which are looking for proprietary conversational devices, including white labeled devices that can be customized for the specific applications. These customized devices, for example in a hospitality application, can provide proprietary elements such as custom skills, custom server integration, custom voices and dialects, and custom branding.

“We are happy to partner with all other platforms in this space and be a part of a large open-source community with multiple possibilities for system integrations,” adds McKnight.

“We are happy to partner with all other platforms out there in this space and be a part of a large open-source community with multiple possibilities for system integrations”

For example, the Mycroft Mark II OS platform option, which includes ready to use downloadable software and physical devices, delivers an advanced skill set those corporate developers can immediately build upon.

With a continued focus on meeting enterprise needs, Neon AI is working on enhancing the performance of STT/TTS technology and installing it in edge devices that run without a network and deliver instant STT/TTS services. It is also adding more languages and technological tools in the coming year, and venturing into new industries to help them achieve maximum operational efficiency with voice technology.

Empowered by its revolutionary technological competencies and attention to privacy and user access, Neon AI is taking the use of conversational AI for business applications to unprecedented heights.

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Daniel McKnight, Lead Engineer / Developer Relations Manager

Neon AI develops cutting-edge technology for conversational artificial intelligence. Neon AI devices and systems provide enterprise, retail, and individual users with real-time transcription, translation, voice commands, audible advertising, conversation segment reconveyance, contextual notification, and adaptive forums, among many other capabilities

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