Neotys: Accelerating Load and Performance Testing

Thibaud Bussiere, Co-Founder & President
In today’s highly demanding application development environment, the speed at which businesses generate revenue directly correlates to application quality and customer satisfaction. Traditional sequential projects that conduct performance testing at the end of the development cycle are unreliable for identifying the sources of application risks and performance bottlenecks. Neotys is at the forefront of innovation, offering the industry’s fastest and most efficient automated load testing and performance testing platform to help companies deliver software applications with confidence.

The company’s proprietary platform, NeoLoad, is designed to accelerate Agile and DevOps testing processes through automation and integration with a client’s Continuous Delivery pipeline. “We help clients ensure that their applications are scalable while delivering a great experience to multiple users with every release,” states Thibaud Bussière, President, Co-founder of Neotys.

When Neotys was born, open source projects and what was then HP’s LoadRunner were dominant forces in the load testing space. As most open source based tools faced a limitation due to the technology supported, the widely used LoadRunner was time-consuming to implement, complicated and costly to operate. NeoLoad was developed to provide a superior load and performance testing platform at a fraction of the competition’s cost. NeoLoad covers: cloud-ready microservices architected, mobile and IoT, and enterprise-grade packaged applications. Driven by its unique automation feature, NeoLoad helps design and maintain tests 10x faster than other solutions. It enables the ability to consistently update the test scenario ensuring Continuous Delivery – the hallmark of successful DevOps practices. “In a fluid motion, developers and testers can evaluate the impact on performance, identify and address bottlenecks/bugs in applications rapidly,” adds Bussière.

Facilitating DevOps load testing and collaboration across development, quality assurance, and operations teams, NeoLoad covers testing requirements from API to system-wide performance testing during both pre-production and production phases. Unlike other tools which require developers to code manually, NeoLoad automatically correlates the dynamic parameters for variabilization in the performance testing scenario.
The platform also integrates with various Continuous Integration servers like Jenkins® and Bamboo®– re-using test scripts and packaging up end-user performance metrics into a load test analysis that can be shared across the teams. NeoLoad also integrates with application performance monitoring tools like Dynatrace and AppDynamics – enriching load test analysis, establishing performance diagnostics at the code level. Further, NeoLoad presents a single view of application reliability under load, providing reports for critical metrics through integration. The performance test results can be analyzed within the NeoLoad platform or accessed by data visualization tools such as Tableau® through the NeoLoad API.

We help clients ensure that their applications are scalable while delivering a great experience to multiple users with every release

Bussière cites an instance where NeoLoad fulfilled a large insurance company’s need for complex Hessian technology application testing. The client wanted realistic performance, load, and component testing to ensure application reliability and speed under load for its three primary applications including its CRM, internal invoicing systems, and web portal. In turn, launched a proof of concept with a shortlist of three testing solution providers before selecting NeoLoad as it supported ALL required use cases. It provided better information about the performance and stability of the most critical applications, reducing performance risk well ahead of new software releases. “NeoLoad ensures the success of your digital strategy while creating a competitive advantage through Agile and DevOps acceleration,” concludes Bussière.

Looking ahead, Neotys aims to continue enhancing its NeoLoad platform via integrations with other applications and providing support for the latest technologies. A critical focal point being artificial intelligence, which will fuel the increase in automated load testing.


Gémenos, France

Thibaud Bussiere, Co-Founder & President

Provides a superior load and performance testing platform designed to accelerate agile and DevOps processes