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Gerard O’Hora, Chief Consultant & President
When it comes to addressing modern-day technology needs, companies are often overwhelmed with options and solutions to choose from. At Nephin Technologies, “We are constantly pushing the envelope to find the right technology that would respond to specific project needs,” says Gerard O’Hora. As the Chief Consultant and President of Nephin Technologies, Mr. O’Hora identifies data centers and the supporting infrastructure and partners to be the lifeblood of a business and the global economy. He founded the company to bring a unique and refreshing approach to ICT and data center consulting. Nephin works to minimize the burden on clients, drawing on a variety of skills and resources from management consulting through IT, to identify the benefits of the various options and assist clients with determining the best fit.

Nephin’s roots lie in infrastructure engineering, and the driver of its evolution of late has been “smart building” technology. Nephin bridges the divide between developers, technical teams, and management to ensure that the vision and expectations of one group are translated into a workable reality for the other. Their processes help ensure that the opportunities and risks are documented and understood so a roadmap to a high performance, secure, highly energy efficient and sustainable smart building or data center can be realized. There exists a symbiotic and interdependent relationship between buildings, data centers and IT services—as one evolves, the others can leverage those advances and the evolution cycle continues.

Nephin is vendor independent with access to a broad pool of resources, ensuring clients have the best team for a given project. Nephin’s seasoned teams have solid experience of working with data centers—from real estate through infrastructure, IT systems and cloud services to make it all work. Nephin also approaches every project from a holistic perspective, bringing energy consulting and other capabilities to the table.

Several Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 organizations across the U.S., Europe, Asia, and Australia have chosen Nephin as their preferred technology expert.

We are constantly pushing the envelope to find the right technology that will respond to specific project needs

One of Nephin’s clients based in Washington, D.C. had a number of data centers that were geographically co-located within one region. The company had expansion plans, and as O’Hora points out, “Based on our assessment, from a strategic business management and service delivery perspective we were able to help them identify where and how systems and services would be best placed or leveraged to meet the global demand.” Once the geographically separated data center and hybrid support model was developed, Nephin set out to define and manage how it would be designed, implemented, and operated so failures and redundancies would have minimal impact on company and customer operations.

The team at Nephin understands that technology is only one element of the equation and it has to be properly combined with the people and processes to ensure that the chosen solution is successful. For this reason, Nephin works closely with contractors, engineers, management, executive sponsors, and other stakeholders to ensure everybody has a clear understanding of how the vision can become a reality.

As Nephin moves deeper into 2017, their focus lies on moving beyond the pure design, consulting, and management role and becoming more turn-key. This will allow them to work with and on behalf of their clients to assist the various team members in bringing a project through to fruition, in a “master integrator” role while minimizing the burden for a client. They are also developing a radical next-generation energy platform to help clients realize further improvements in performance and efficiency of energy and beyond.

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Gerard O’Hora, Chief Consultant & President

System integration and convergence of disparate solutions to find the best fit for client needs

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