NephoScale: Leveraging OpenStack for IaaS and Converged Infrastructure Solutions

Bruce Templeton, Co-Founder & CEO
Over the last decade, the OpenStack ecosystem has grown dramatically. With each OpenStack release, the landscape of compatible applications grows. This brings advantages to the enterprises and telecom companies that are rapidly adopting OpenStack. Most companies do not have the resources to build their own cloud and develop OpenStack solutions. Many large software and hardware organizations offer OpenStack based software solutions, but many also force the client to buy their hardware along with their OpenStack powered cloud management software.

Nullifying these challenges is NephoScale, a provider of a public cloud services and developer of a licensed end-to-end cloud software solution for on-premise use. NephoScale’s focus is on developing software for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Converged Infrastructure, and the Software-Defined-Datacenter. Headquartered in San Jose, California, NephoScale is leading the charge by simplifying cloud deployments with its Cloud Underlay technology that enables easier installation, asset management, and upgrading and release management for NephOS powered public and private clouds. NephoScale licenses its NephOS software stack to enterprises and service providers worldwide, and has a public cloud that offers pay-by-the-hour virtual servers, bare metal on-demand dedicated servers, and highly scalable object-based storage.

“We implemented ObjectStor cloud storage based upon OpenStack Swift back in 2011. But we stayed away from other parts of OpenStack due to it being too immature,” says Bruce Templeton, Co-Founder and CEO of NephoScale. He further states, “In the last few years, OpenStack has progressed significantly so we decided to accelerate our adoption of OpenStack.” One of the significant mentions in NephoScale’s spectrum is the NephOS cloud software stack, owned and developed by NephoScale. NephOS is an end-to-end turn-key cloud software stack that powers the NephoScale Hybrid Compute Public IaaS platform, and is also available for licensing for on-premise enterprise hybrid cloud and OEM service provider applications.

NephOS enables companies to self-provision public, private, and hybrid cloud infrastructure, and includes Software- Defined-Networking (SDN), orchestration, inventory, billing, and ticketing systems.

We are not just accommodating the needs of enterprises, we are also accommodating the needs of telcos and service providers

NephOS encompasses the elements of computing, storage, and networks into a low-cost utility that provides agility, flexibility, and scalability to businesses.

A unique aspect of the NephoScale’s IaaS platform is that it also supports on-demand hosted private clouds within the public cloud. This is done by offering the self-provisioning of bare metal dedicated server clusters and automated orchestration for true physically isolated high performance on-demand private clouds. “The NephoScale public cloud service offers the best combination of pricing and performance in the industry, providing impressive computing power, with 10Gbps networking and SSD storage technology, for those engaged in resource intensive analysis and processing”, says Templeton.

NephoScale has benefited a number of organizations, providing them with added operational visibility and increased efficiency through its hosted cloud services, platforms and products. NephoScale has built a private cloud for a large technology company that manufacturers storage and compute products. “The client already had the applications ready for the cloud, so NephoScale’s OpenStack powered solution worked out of the box, and we quickly gave them what they are asking for,” says Templeton. In addition, the client wants NephoScale to create a converged infrastructure solution with the products the client manufactures. The plan is to modify the NephOS stack to create a comprehensive converged infrastructure solution to meet their specific needs— helping them expose their entire value chain of hardware and software assets as a highly automated web enabled self-service offering.

So what is next for NephoScale? Support for OpenStack APIs and simplifying the deployment and management of multiple private clouds from a single pane of glass are areas of focus.


San Jose, CA

Bruce Templeton, Co-Founder & CEO

NephoScale offers a turnkey on-premise cloud software suite called NephOS, and offers on its public cloud pay-by-the-hour virtual servers, bare metal on-demand dedicated servers, and highly scalable object-based storage