Neptune Software: Powering SAP with Mobility

There’s no doubt that SAP provides one of the most powerful software suites in the world to run any business. However, with overwhelming number of features to unintuitive user interfaces, extending the power of SAP to mobile devices is often a complex task. Neptune Software wants to change this. Headquartered in Oslo, Norway, Neptune makes the task of implementing and running SAP-based mobile applications a comfortable experience. “Our cost-effective solutions help companies with the complex task of attaining SAP mobility without shelling out for a new infrastructure,” says Njål Stabell, Chief Technology Officer, Neptune Software.

The firm’s flagship product, the Neptune Application Designer (NAD) is widely used by developers to make any SAP functionality seamlessly available in user-friendly interfaces across smartphones, tablets, and desktops. “Arming developers with intuitive tools will free them to focus on the development process rather than figuring out a complex UI,” adds Stabell. With its intuitive drag-and-drop design, the solution helps developers structure HTML5 applications based on SAP Fiori UX and SAPUI5 directly in their SAPGUI and use the standard SAP transport system for version control. Further, the use of SAP ABAP maximizes the customer’s existing SAP investments by eliminating servers, middleware, and associated integration set-up.

Neptune Software also offers classroom training for NAD along with Neptune Application Management and Neptune Application Catalogue. “Conducted at the comfort of clients’ premises, these training sessions can be tailored to suit their needs,” says Stabell. In addition, the company also provides SAP-based templates for Human Resources, payroll and workflow applications, and logistics-oriented applications for warehouse management. “Being one of the few companies that cater to the developer demographic, we maintain our edge by ensuring solutions delivered are of superior quality,” affirms Stabell.

Our cost effective solution helps companies with the complex task of going mobile without shelling out for a new infrastructure

Ole Andre Haugen, Channel Management Director
Neptune’s stellar range of solutions has helped many clients maximize their returns from existing SAP investments. When one of New Zealand’s leading retailers wanted to make improvements to their SAP ERP Retail logistics processes, they approached Neptune Software to deliver a mobile HTML5 based solution that was OS (Operating System) Agnostic. Neptune helped the client achieve this without investing in SAP’s Mobile Platform or using a hosted solution. The mobile preview function that came with NAD helped the client keep up with the build process easily. It also created room for refinements and improvements. Since the successful integration of Neptune’s SAP-based mobile logistics solution in the retail chain’s network, it has processed more than 87,000 retail delivery and 660,000 purchase order receipts.

Neptune’s ability to meet such taxing client-needs lies in the experience of their team. “All our core developers and systems architects are ex-SAP consultants,” says Stabell. “Maintaining a robust team of employees help build trust and dependability with our clients and this reflects on our solutions as well,” and adds “Our solutions are developed after meticulous assessment of our client-feedback,” says Stabell. Having such a system of strict self-evaluation also helps building value and product quality over the years.

For the road ahead, Neptune is investing heavily in upgrading its offerings. “In a field with volatile competition, remaining stationary is a luxury that we can do without,” asserts Stabell. Geographical expansions are also on the cards for the company as it gears up to open its new office in Shanghai.

Neptune Software

Oslo, Norway

Ole Andre Haugen, Channel Management Director and CEO Njål Stabell, CTO Andreas Grydeland Sulejewski, Channel Management Director

Provides economic and secure solutions to make SAP functionality available on any device using ABAP and SAPUI5.