NER Data Corporation: A la-carte MPS Options for Business Process

Stephen Oatway, President & COO
There was a time when printers simply printed, and organizations monitored the meters and reacted to alerts or service needs as they arose. Today, companies like NER Data Corporation (NER) proactively project the device requirements well in advance based on data trends, print applications, and optimization requirements allowing clients to benefit from highly managed and efficient print environments. Serving the industry for more than four decades and headquartered in Glassboro, NJ, NER is a trendsettingprovider of managed print solutions and data centre infrastructure optimization solutions.

Print4™, the company’s flagship managed print solution, was developed from the ground up as an end-toend solution that maximizes device management and document workflow efficiencies, resulting in significant cost savings for most output fleets. While many companies excel at delivering individual pieces of print services, they often fail to aggregate them into a uniform “Managed” Print Solution. NER’s MPS platform has the ability to assemble and align those pieces within its platform to formulate and provide a holistic solution for each of their clients. “Resellers and their end-user clients can customize our solution to their business processes resulting in a powerful MPS program that works for them—not the other way around,” says Stephen Oatway, President & COO, NER.

Resellers and their end-user clients can customize our solution to their business processes resulting in a powerful MPS program that works for them-not the other way around

Print4 MPS provides the ultimate “Single Pane of Glass” to effectively view and manage all aspects of print environment. Its scalable cloud-based application platform offers unmatched fleet assessment, monitoring, management, utilization analysis, and automation capabilities. NER’s solutions are “Customer-Fit” as it incorporates analytical software, supplies, parts, service, helpdesk support, robust reporting, and any required hardware. “Clients also find that Print4’s help desk, technical support and nationwide on-site services provides them the ability to rebalance internal IT resources to focus on mission critical aspects instead of being bogged down by the tedious nature of print device maintenance and support,” expresses Oatway.

NER’s approach has earned them a loyal following with North America’s resellers, integrators, VARS, and their Fortune 2000 enduser customers. Demonstrating its broad reach among clients are a few examples—A National OEM Copier/Printer Manufacturer chose NER to provide nationwide break-fix service in support of their CPP contracts. These services are tracked and logged inside the Print4 system allowing the OEM to properly invoice parts and labor to their clients. Another Global OEM Copier Manufacturer standardized on NER’s Print4 technology platform for meter collection, supplies management and service administration.

NER also provides full MPS support (supplies and service) for all non-like OEM devices in the client environment. Oatway believes that the market is experiencing overall acceptance of MPS, but there are also indications of commoditization of MPS resulting in downward pricing trends. The coming years will witness a continued push towards digital, mobile MPS and document workflow. To be in the leading edge, NER therefore is focussing to enhance its tool set with the goal of improving and simplifying the client experience. “We will accomplish this via expansion of our mobile and document workflow offering, ongoing SaaS development and integration, and continued expansion of our national partner network,” confirms Oatway.

NER Data Corporation

Glassbore, NJ

Stephen Oatway, President & COO

NER Data Corporation (NER) is a provider of managed print solutions and data center infrastructure optimization solutions.