Net Access: Trouncing DDoS Threats to Improve Network Performance

Raul K. Martynek, CEO
Over the past decade, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have escalated at a dizzying pace, becoming one of the crucial threats for most industries and production areas that are exposed to the public internet. Adjacently, the constantly evolving and growing nature of DDoS poses a huge burden on CIOs of leading companies. There are infinite new attack vectors and various types of threats that customize their targets rather than just aiming at traffic flows in the web. As the internet grows, there are more nodes connected, turning into DDoS generating gadgets—including potential mobile devices. “The Stagefright vulnerability malware has recently affected up to 950 million Android devices, and increases the risk of encountering sizable DDoS events and data thefts in the future,” begins Raul K. Martynek, CEO, Net Access. Addressing the current challenge is Net Access, an NJ-based data center operator that constantly upgrades capacity at the edge of their infrastructure and filters hardware to process and diminish malicious events.

The company’s team continuously analyzes technology trends and vendors to identify the best product to effectively address the performance, reliability, security, and budgetary goals of their customers. “We establish relationships with organizations, offering services that can be seamlessly integrated into our solutions, sharing our values in terms of customer experience, technological innovation, and strategic vision,” adds Martynek. This approach has allowed Net Access to bring new solutions in the market, while being more responsive towards specific customer requests. Furthermore, the company’s agent business partners are globally located, giving Net Access a presence and instant creditability in markets where there are no direct sales individuals stationed. “Our agent partners have years of industry experience and customer relationships, helping us in distinctive opportunities and enhancing product portfolio,” notes Martynek.

The company’s FlexServices portfolio features a variety of co-location, cloud and managed service offerings, allowing customers to custom design a solution to meet their specific infrastructure needs. One of their most popular managed service offerings is FlexSecurity, which includes a Managed DDoS Mitigation option that proactively isolates all malicious traffic, preventing its impact on organizations’ infrastructure performances.
“Our FLEXSecurity offering gives enterprises a variety of DDos Mitigation and managed Firewall options, meeting their requirements in physical environment, data center, or virtualized cloud-based setting,” says Martynek.

Our FLEXSecurity offering gives enterprises a variety of DDos Mitigation and managed Firewall options, meeting their requirements in physical environment, data center, or virtualized cloudbased setting

Net Access holds a track record of empowering clients to successfully tackle DDoS attacks and is well-equipped to aid them facilely trounce the possibility of further attacks. “We have observed a sharp spike in DDoS attacks, especially on end user websites. The largest attempt that we have seen involved a DDoS extortion attempt,” he adds.
In one instance, a large e-Commerce customer received an email stating that their website would be brought down by a DDoS attack unless they paid a ‘ransom’ of $10,000 in bitcoins. The customer alerted Net Access about the threat and the company successfully fought these attacks for more than eight hours and several days, until the attackers who constantly changed their attack vectors gave up.

The Net Access team has a unique approach towards solving customer’s issue by continually capturing and analyzing real-time data from their data center, cloud and customers’ IT environments to serve their evolving needs. Forging ahead, the company plans to establish an information-driven data center comprised of a combination of co-location, bare-metal, and private cloud. “This hybrid environment will allow enterprises to easily shift workloads freely between cloud-based services and additional managed facilities, including security, storage and backup, as needed,” he concludes.

Net Access

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Raul K. Martynek, CEO

Data Center Service Provider focused on security. Prevents volume-based and stealth-based DDoS attacks by actively monitoring and analyzing the flow of traffic to customers’ infrastructure.