Net2Vault: Cost-Effective NetApp Backup and Disaster Recovery

Brian Maguire, CEO
The need for companies to store data for Disaster Recovery (DR) is increasing at an unprecedented rate. The reason does not necessarily stem from the need to be prepared for ‘natural disasters’ per se but can also be attributed to the alarming rate of cybersecurity attacks that have cost several enterprises insurmountable losses. As such, implementing robust DR strategies has become as crucial as availing top-notch data access and management services from prominent players in the space, such as Net2Vault. With scalable cloud backup and DR services tailored exclusively for NetApp™ users, Net2Vault enables companies to “kill two birds with one stone.”

The company employs NetApp tools to back up data in its native format unlike other backup service providers such as AWS or MS Azure. This, in turn, enables NetApp users to quickly and easily initiate backup or recovery and relieves them from cost factors and complexities associated with changing the data format. The offering is entirely VM- and OS-agnostic with unlimited upload rate and can be availed via VPN or by extending the companies WAN.

Net2Vault offers on-demand hardware for servers. Additionally, its Tier-4 solution pertains to archiving data that is less crucial for enterprises, yet needs to be backed up should the need arise to retrieve them. The service helps clients address their day-to-day data storage requirements and allows them to save disk space as well. The company exclusively uses NetApp hardware and software, which eliminates the additional burden for the customer to purchase proprietary equipment and learn new software.

The novel service model of Net2Vault is the brainchild of Brian Maguire, a seasoned IT professional and former NetApp employee who steers the company as its CEO. For Maguire, the idea to found Net2Vault sparked while working as a senior systems engineer at NetApp, where he successfully solved a client’s need to establish a single consolidated DR source for all data pertaining to their affiliates spread across various locations.

We employ NetApp native tools to back up the data in native format unlike other backup service providers

While leveraging NetApp enterprise equipment, Maguire was able to design a solution that enabled them to securely aggregate all of their data on a single piece of hardware. Maguire saved the client considerable amounts of money by implementing this architecture. Maguire then set out with the mission to bring his cost-effective backup + DR strategy to the NetApp faction. Net2Vault today is a Gold Level Member of the NetApp Partner Program.

Recently one of the company’s clients who had lost crucial data across hundreds of sites due to a ransomware attack was able to swiftly fall back to normalcy in a few hours, with Net2Vault’s native backup and recovery. “Such instances, wherein an organization has the ability to recover more than 300TB of data in a short period of time are huge wins for the business,” mentions Maguire.

In a nutshell, Net2Vault can seamlessly turn the DR site into an exact replica of the production site, which fosters business continuity in real time. The company, with its offerings, can manage backup, retain and replicate data in a multi-tenant architecture, which in parallel meets governance, risk, and compliance mandates for data security both in the short and long runs. With data centers located across North America, Net2Vault handles large and small volumes of data for customers in all sectors. The company is in partnership with Sungard Availability Services to house their systems in Sungard™’s SSAE 16 Type II, ISO & PCI DSS certified data centers. With plans to launch their services in Europe in the pipeline, Net2Vault is looking at a bright future.


Portland, OR

Brian Maguire, CEO

Through its NetApp-backed solutions, Net2Vault manages backup, retains and replicates data in a multi-tenant architecture