Netensity: Redefining Sales Automation

Adarsh Dattani, CEO
The order management system in logistics consists of several applications, such as pickup information, location route plan, fulfillment, and so on and so forth that are outside of the CRM application domain. There is partial or no integration with the front-end applications used for taking orders also known as "bookings" in logistics industry parlance. The cargo tracking system, which is at the core of the logistics IT landscape, is either not integrated or very poorly integrated with the CRM system. The order information has to be recreated manually in the order fulfillment system, which can cause human errors and subsequent loss of face. When a customer order involves multiple services, like air cargo, land or sea shipping, it results in the creation of multiple orders with no single system to track them. The legacy system also has the limitation that pricing and product information cannot be passed to collection agents, which directly impacts business opportunities.

The need for a Focused Strategy with Clear Direction and Planning
In the world of logistics, customers are not just looking for affordability, dependability, wide reach and on-time performance. They are ready to embrace logistics providers as partners who can make them experience the "wow" factor through their customer service. Only a well-focused strategy along with clear direction and planning will help differentiate logistics service providers in a highly commoditized logistics marketplace. Taking the cue, Fremont based Netensity Corporation founded in 2007 announced the grand launch of its path breaking CRM workflow for removal companies worldwide, Movegistics CRM at the 50th IAM Convention back in October of 2012.
Movegistics CRM is a true vertical CRM platform with state-of-the-art workflow capabilities that streamline sales, removals, dispatching, consolidation, warehousing, transportation and back office functions; end-to-end, from the cloud; and at an extremely affordable cost of ownership. All features are seamlessly integrated and weaved into a secure and holistic solution with powerful enterprise and sales reporting and a dedicated self-service customer portal for an unparalleled customer experience.

“By making Movegistics CRM highly customizable as well for a company’s unique needs, by incorporating industry best practices and including unique features such as calendars, automatic lead assignment, pricing engine, e-signature capabilities, dispatching and the ability to export all data to external applications such as Microsoft Excel on demand, the product went on to become TrustE certified and compliant with the EU safe harbor framework,“says Adarsh Dattani, Netensity’s CEO and Founder. The makers of Movegistics CRM went on to make Movegistics Survey, which was built, for Movegistics CRM customers to conduct mobile pre-move surveys at the clients’ residence and went live in January of 2013.

Staying Unique
The company for its idea shot to fame and the differentiator that sets it apart from the rest of the competition is a team that contains the best and brightest minds with extensive domain experience. By way of it’s customer enablement program and by speaking the language of its clients the company has raced past all its competition. Adarsh believes that complete end-user adoption is the true measure of successful verticalization. The company will continue to adhere to this strategy and plans to increase its global footprint by making the product more functionally rich and becoming an enabler of Wireless connectivity, GPS, RFID and other related technology in the market.


Fremont, CA

Adarsh Dattani, CEO

A provider of Movegistics CRM, a SaaS platform for removal companies across the world