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Zvika Zisser, CEO
The healthcare sector is undergoing a massive sea change, with emerging technologies such as AI and IoT finding their way through areas like medical diagnosis, laboratory information system (LIS), medical product development, and workflow optimization. With a remarkable growth in the range and complexities of medical tests and diagnoses, the need for an efficient LIS that offers more personalized patient care has become indispensable. Driving the LIS market forward with its cloud and enterprise-grade SaaS solutions, along with open API and interoperability capabilities is Netlims, a LIS service provider that is transforming medical services.

According to Zvika Zisser, CEO of Netlims, the LIS sector needs to catch up with the prevalence of the cloud that exists in other industries. The firm makes use of a SaaS model that allows users to purchase a service using on-demand licensing. “Choosing a SaaS version of LIS is a relief for laboratories as experts take care of the hosting, setup, and maintenance of the product,” states Zisser. Apart from the reduced costs, SaaS models are also known for their ability to improve stability, ease of access, and security. Netlims understands that adopting a cloud-based and agile LIS could be the key to an organization’s competitive advantage in terms of ease of deployment, scalability, and increased ROI; to that end, they bring forth their LIS system, called LabOS. The solution also enables laboratories to position themselves better and take advantage of future developments in technology.

With an insurgence of smart devices like wearables, health sensors, and medical monitors that can perform complicated health checkups, from tracking sleep waves to performing ECGs, the demand for collecting and using the data for patient-centric care delivery is on the rise.
LabOS collects this data, offering a data hub where doctors can analyze, assess, and define what is healthy for their patients, and automatically receive alerts when their patients’ data is abnormal. Netlims uses the MyLab app that gives patients control and accessibility over their data. LabOS’s open interface can be connected with any point-of-care (POC) device, including bedside devices when deployed in hospitals. By using POC devices, especially for chronically ill patients, doctors can automatically be alerted to abnormal test results. Moreover, the same system can also be used for conducting medical check-ups in hospitals or the comfort of the patients’ own homes.

Zisser recounts the story of how a major African laboratory that carries out millions of tests across hundreds of sites approached Netlims for their service. The unique challenge was the long distance between locations and the requirement for moving a lot of samples between sites that had to be tracked. Moreover, sites communicated in different languages. The client chose LabOS to follow every sample across the African continent regardless of the location, including samples that were on the move. In addition to that, since LabOS is multilingual, labs in different countries are able to communicate smoothly.

One of their key differentiators is that Netlims develops technology in response to rising customer challenges and causes minimum disruption to the existing workflow, as they take steps to make software changes go unnoticed, due to which their customers maintain a long-term business relationship. Typically, Netlims’ customers have been large complex labs, and they hope to lead their way in the cloud market by bringing their technology and experience to smaller labs. Briefing about the company’s expansion plans, Zisser adds, “From day one, we have always targeted ‘global,’ and with our SaaS offering and extensive enterprise experience we are deepening our global footprint.”


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Zvika Zisser, CEO

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