NetMD: Pioneering End-to-End IT Infrastructure Management

Mederick Jones, Founder and CEO
NetMD, a Nashville-based Managed Service Provider (MSP) company was founded in 2000 with a goal to make IT better and easier for enterprises. With innovative system designs, highly experienced specialists, and a commitment to customer success, NetMD creates and delivers tailored IT solutions that allow enterprises to operate at their fullest potential in the new era of cloud computing. Having carved a niche for itself in the MSP space, today the firm extends the capabilities of an enterprise’s IT workforce and optimizes their operations by delivering proactive management services that identify and address network issues even before they occur.

NetMD's core competencies entail infrastructure management for LAN, WAN, and data centers. The firm provides management and monitoring for WAN by collaborating with telecom service providers like AT&T and Comcast. NetMD also manages and monitors both virtualized and physical servers in the data centers as well as customer-owned and outsourced cloud-based infrastructure. The firm’s software has been custom-designed to be extremely flexible and quick to deploy. While most MSPs require clients to change IP information for their monitoring tools, NetMD uses gateway agents that act as proxy routers to collect log information, make backups, and securely post monitoring information through the agent gateway.

Also, unlike large MSPs, NetMD provides clients unrestricted access to their own systems. By sharing access to clients and allowing them to develop and participate in their change management processes, the firm maintains the integrity of the service levels of the purchased services. Mederick Jones, the Founder & CEO of NetMD describes the company’s services as "high-touch, high quality, and white gloved services" that have been developed specifically to conform to their client's needs. For instance, Westfield Corp., a global shopping center group, leveraged NetMD's monitoring management service as their help-desk could not offer a 24X7 support for CCTV security systems and guest wireless access deployed across their high-end malls nationwide. NetMD's monitoring management service ensured the round-the-clock functioning of the security cameras, timely restoration of video imagery and smooth guest wireless services for in-store marketing efforts.

Our focus is on operating a lean model for a quicker service-delivery for a very select customer base

NetMD’s professional services team comprising of consulting level engineers, network architects, and implementation engineers specialize in delivering high availability, critical network designs such as those used in hospital settings where people's lives are on the line if the network is unavailable. In such scenarios, NetMD's professional services team consults to design and build highly available solutions and then bring it back to the Network Operations Center (NOC), where the network operations team is trained on the design and implementation and on how to support that specific network infrastructure.

The company’s design implementations are extremely security conscious from a disaster recovery, data integrity, and data security perspective. NetMD has partnered with firms such as Sophos, Bitdefender, CISCO, and Checkpoint to design and implement highly-available, extremely secure perimeter networks, which the firm manages and monitors for clients prone to hacking incidents or encryption hijacking attacks.

Going forth, the firm has plans to launch their new cloud-based management platform that has been built from the ground-up, features new APIs, and will be operated out of the Amazon EC2 environment. The launch of this web-based platform will enable NetMD to expand their monitoring systems to a much broader client base in the future, as it will support access from any mobile device or operating system. “What differentiates our service is the fact that we are not trying to do everything for everyone,” states Jones. “Our focus is on operating a lean model for a quicker service-delivery for a very select customer base.”


Manchester, TN

Mederick Jones, Founder and CEO

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