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Kevin Kinsey, CEO
One of the key challenges faced by the education sector is how to ensure adequate bandwidth at the individual site, school, district and county levels. This bandwidth will be used for critical access to key resources, to address compliance with SBAC/ PARC Common Core requirements, and of course many other day-to-day uses. Common Core, for its part, is dependent upon a certain level of bidirectional bandwidth as well as many other factors that must be monitored. Adding to this is the ongoing requirement to do more with less, to stretch resources and be as fiscally efficient as possible. It is critical that this sector finds a practical way to ensure sufficient resources for students, faculty, administrators and parents.

This is where Netreo comes in. The company offers cost-effective and easy-to-deploy network management solutions with a unified dashboard-view covering all IT components, from end-user application experience to device-level performance and capacity planning. “Our DNA from back to day one 16 years ago has always been about developing simple, straight forward, consumable network management products,” asserts Kevin Kinsey, CEO, Netreo. “It’s been about removing headaches and barriers.”

Since it’s a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) based Network Management System (NMS), users simply download a virtual appliance and walk through a simple, wizard-based setup template in order to get started. “There are dozens of embedded enterprise-wide dashboards included with our OmniCenter product, and clients can add their own customized dashboards as well,” says Kinsey. This single-pane-of-glass visibility ensures that SLAs are met, capacity requirements are clearly understood, and outages are resolved quickly. When there is an issue, OmniCenter alerts the right person instantly, and utilizes automated, powerful incident management features such as root cause analysis, event correlation and anomaly detection to help minimize false alarms. If the problem continues, alerts are escalated to the right people or groups for remediation.

Mobile access is another key requirement for the education market, but gaining this access is not without challenges. “Since network management systems typically reside behind the firewall in private segments of the network, it is often difficult to gain access via a mobile device, which lives in a public network.

Our DNA from back to day one 16 years ago has always been about developing simple, straight forward, consumable network management products

Netreo has solved this problem however, with NetreoCloud.” NetreoCloud is a framework whereby key data points are securely kept in Netreo’s global cloud presence for easy mobile access. OmniCenter users only need to download OmniCenter Mobile iOS or Android app, generate a QR-code from OmniCenter, scan it from the mobile device and get full access to the OmniCenter knowledge base, alerts, and status are instantly available on the mobile device.

The product is ideally packaged in order to address the budgetary requirements of the education market. “There are no add-ons, modules, or surprises, schools just pay a low monthly or annual subscription fee and this covers everything,” says Kinsey. It also helps address their limited resources, in that the product has no maintenance footprint. Users don’t have to worry about patching, revision updates, or backups.

Netreo works with countless customers in the education sector, such as University of California, Irvine (UCI). “OmniCenter is a reliable way of keeping track of the health of all of our infrastructure services. It allows us to quickly notice and respond to problems with our systems and our networks,” John Mangrich, Manager, Central Computing Services Network and Academic Computing Services, UCI.

The roadmap for Netreo’s OmniCenter is an exciting one. “We are focused on two key areas of development—enhancing and expanding NetreoCloud services, and continuing to simplify and automate the process of implementing OmniCenter.”


Irvine, CA

Kevin Kinsey, CEO

Provides enterprise-wide dashboards into virtually all IT components, robust incident-management, and long-term automated reporting

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