NetScore Technologies:Cloud ERP for Managing Global Enterprises

Raj Kellampalli, Founder & CTO
Globally distributed companies with multiple commercial functions, demand a sophisticated ERP system to manage their business operations. The prime challenge is to eliminate the poor visibility and delay in the process of retrieving sales, customer, and supplier information from existing ERP systems. “NetScore Technologies, a NetSuite Partner eliminates all these challenges and helps companies operate different warehouses from multiple locations,” begins Raj Kellampalli, Founder and CTO, NetScore Technologies.

Headquartered in Vienna, VA—the company’s core competency is in providing turnkey solutions to the eCommerce sector within the NetSuite ERP system. “When NetScore stepped into the ERP market in 2007, the team at NetScore was experienced in SAP ERP platform. “When NetSuite started gaining attraction, our experience with SAP catalyzed our entry into the world of NetSuite ERP,” elaborates Kellampalli.

NetScore provides NetSuite cloud ERP solutions that connect with webstores like Amazon, eBay, and third party logistics (3PLs) for shipping integration for back-end operations. In addition to web stores, the cloud ERP solution connects with payment gateways like PayPal and CyberSource as well. The NetSuite ERP system is an entirely cloud based software that manages the globally distributed business in one platform. “What we do is data migration, customization, and integration that streamlines and consolidates our customers’ business operations in the NetSuite ERP,” explains Kellampalli.

Along with NetSuite ERP, the company offers turnkey solutions on the NetSuite Suite Commerce Advanced technology—an eCommerce platform on which web stores are built for eCommerce customers. The platform offers advanced technologies such as APIs and Solr search engines with Akamai Content Delivery Network (CDN). “The customers get rich user and OmniChannel eCommerce experience along with responsive web design in SuiteCommerce Advanced,” says Kellampalli.

For instance, The Collective, one of NetScore’s garment industry clients used AS/400 ERP system to access IT for business information. NetScore migrated the clients’ legacy data from AS/400 to NetSuite Cloud ERP.“We integrated NetSuite ERP with EDI using SPS commerce and 3PLs for shipping integration. This provided them a cost effective and highly responsive process and they were able to decommission their legacy systems so that they can move to NetSuite—saving time and money,” comments Kellampalli. With Restaurant, another NetScore’s client, “we implemented a number of custom projects using the NetSuite SuiteCommerce advanced technology and integrated their existing web stores running on Magento with NetSuite ERP. The integration helped them to consolidate their business operations, cut down costs and have one unified system,” briefs Kellampalli.

In NetSuite ERP, we do data migration, customization, and integration that streamline and consolidate our customers’ business operations

According to Kellampalli, NetScore Technologies is recognized through ‘word of mouth’ referrals in the industry. “We don't compromise on our two objectives— responsiveness and quality of cost effective solutions. This helped us to grow our customer base,” states Kellampalli. Within the company, they follow an entrepreneurial culture to be innovative. “This has resulted in creating innovative apps for eCommerce and more,” adds Kellampalli.

With respect to the ERP market, the company might expand to Asia Pacific and Europe in two years period. At present, NetScore is, “focusing on developing the SuiteCommerce Advanced platform experience and amplifying the competency to execute eCommerce projects i n it,” says Kellampalli. “We plan to develop cost effective integration tools for small businesses implementing NetSuite cloud ERP,” concludes Kellampalli.

NetScore Technologies

Vienna, VA

Raj Kellampalli, Founder & CTO

NetScore provides turnkey solutions on the NetSuite ERP system which is an entirely cloud based software that manages the globally distributed business in one platform