Netsocket: Connecting Networking Technologies to Entrepreneurial Success

CIO Vendor The effective utilization of networking technologies for desired business outcome can happen only through an easy to install, cost-effective, end-to-end cloud managed networking solution that provides secure, and dependable connectivity. The attempts are going on in full swing to explore the networking choices available for optimizing business solutions.

At the forefront of these attempts is Netsocket, which is taking forward this technology revolution to higher levels with years of hard-core experience in cutting-edge Software Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Visualization (NFV).

Led by Fletcher Hamilton, CEO, the firm’s activities are centered around its Virtual Edge solution, which is optimized for LAN/WAN edge environments
and is backed by a cloud-managed way of functioning. The solution enables high-level cost-reduction in legacy networks.

The Virtual Edge could be installed in remote offices of distributed SMB and enterprise environments where the requirement for truck rolls or the onsite network expertise would not be a concern. Normally, the changes, moves or adds in networks often turns hilarious without these technologies. And, the Virtual Edge is placed on an extensible x86-based MicroCloud Server platform, so that service providers can rapidly deploy new services, thereby facilitating a value-added approach for their companies.

Further, the Virtual Edge utilizes the Netsocket Virtual Network (NVN), which is an advanced framework for network virtualization, equipped with powerful automated orchestration capabilities. Through these features, the NVN allows businesses to design, manage, and deploy softwarebased networks in a centralized manner.

Netsocket, found the road to success much shorter under the leadership of Fletcher Hamilton, President & CEO. The organization’s expertise covers a wide range of networking aspects including Virtual Edge for Service Providers, Virtual Edge for Businesses, and Virtual Edge Automation Delivery.


Netsocket’s Virtual Edge solution provides virtualized network and automated application delivery solution for SMB and Enterprise remote offices, is powered by the product components of the Netsocket Virtual Network (NVN).