NetSpec: Smart Technology for Smarter Learning

Rrajesh Bakshi, Founder
In an era where human inventions has reached its pinnacle, present generation i s g rowing a mong a plethora of smart devices that makes it imperative to discard old structures and bring dynamism into the education system to initiate cognition in new minds. NetSpec, a Singapore-based company, is trying to bring this perceptive transformation in the educational sector with their solutions. “Our motive is to bring the knowledge of technology to the doorstep of every educator and learner,” conveys Rrajesh Bakshi, Founder and Chief Architect of NetSpec.

“The world today is smarter— instrumented, interconnected, and intelligent. The infusion of digital intelligence in education system is changing the educators and learners approach. To lead this shift, we are implementing a new computing model that is defined by software, designed by data, open and collaborative,” denotes Rrajesh. The company caters to the educational market in South East Asia, Middle East Asia, and parts of Africa. “Most of these developing countries are either struggling to implement technological solutions in their education system or are less confident of using cloud computing,” says Rrajesh. Initiatives on training teachers on the use of technology and collaborative platforms in K-12 segment has to be adopted. For higher education, virtual and distance learning is the way of the future which needs to pick up pace in this part of the world. Moreover, education in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, India, and Dubai, are not only seen as a noble cause, but it’s emotionally-driven from the perspective of parents. Therefore, facilitating collaboration among parents, teachers, and students are much required. This requirement is, however, countered by the common belief that all smart devices encourage a steep inclination towards entertainment, gaming, and social media consumption than education. NetSpec has been relentlessly taking numerous initiatives to counter this belief and spread the message that virtual distance learning is there to stay in all educational institutions; and that it makes learning more interesting and simple.

NetSpec offers collaborative platforms for educational institutions that go way beyond just enabling communications.
The company also provides School ERP systems and recently has ventured into creating Entrepreneurial Labs for higher education to bring them closer to the corporate industry. Solutions like Jumping Frog, GoodGrads, and Edoolinke are the pride weapons of NetSpec, using which the company is redefining the archaic educational establishments.

Jumping Frog is a hosted cloud-based application serving as collaborative platform between stakeholders of K-12 institutions. It takes academic networking to the next level by opening up myriad communication channels between students, parents, teachers, and school. GoodGrads is a software application that brings together institutions and students in close association with the corporate industry. “It is not just about finding the right jobs but fostering long-term relationships,” says Rrajesh. Edoolinke is NetSpec’s one stop solution for all administration-related workload for educational entities. It automates, streamlines, and executes the countless administrative tasks inherent in the functioning of institutions. A glittering example of the company’s success can be found from its work with Sanskriti School, Delhi, India. Jumping Frog was deployed in the school campus and workshops were conducted on how collaborative platforms can augment education and on the significant role of internet in classroom teaching. With the solution, the school was able to enhance teaching as well as learning.

Our motive is to bring the knowledge of technology to the doorstep of every educator and learner

With a vision to bring dynamism in learning process, NetSpec wants to establish itself as the most valuable IT collaborative solution providers for educational institutions. “We want to work very closely with educators to help them upgrade their technological skills to enhance their teaching practice. By aligning our business model to our clients’ needs, we tend to achieve our targets which will allow us to fuel our next set of opportunities,” concludes Rrajesh.



Rrajesh Bakshi, Founder

A company that provides integrated digital solutions for educational entities.