NetStairs: Defining the Paradigms in CDN

Ahmad Moradi, Chairman & CEO
Content service providers turn to CDN for facilitating best “push” strategies. However, the scale and complexity of operational requirements necessitate the adoption of new Real-Time HTML5 methodologies that would augment the capabilities of interactive content delivery network (iCDN) serving real-time communication and peer-to-peer services. Ahmad Moradi, Chairman and CEO of NetStairs, enlightens further, “For iCDN uplink bandwidth services are equally as important as downlink for deploying HTML5 WebRTC standards to establish real-time engagement. Current CDNs tend to be unequipped and unable to improve ‘Pull’ services.” NetStairs alleviates the situation by introducing iCDN—Interactive Content Delivery Network—to enable clients to provide in-time and on-demand communication services. “NetStairs has been an active player for more than 16 years in the digital media landscape. We leverage our experience of creating L30 Live Streaming, Cybermercial—a video email solution—and Social Networking Live (SNL) to take up the gauntlets,” states Moradi.

Five years of grueling research and development underpins NetStairs’ iCDN services. “We have engineered one of the most dynamic and flexible settings for infrastructure comprising HTML5, WebRTC, Websocket, and HTML5 SaaS,” states Moradi. Through iCDN, the company focuses on delivering real-time, peer-to-peer digital media and newsrooms, live cast with content sharing and broadcasting services. iCDN supports interactive services as add-ons that complement existing CDN. “By simply adding embedded secured codes, one can make any HTML5 page into an interactive and real-time communications service,” says Moradi.

iCDN services ensure adequate bandwidth availability for data uplink and downlink and real-time data packet management. “Given bandwidth as constraint, seamless user experience is our priority,” says Moradi. Today, iCDN is a support mechanism for 390 and more projects across the globe and a tool to achieving a gamut of goals that range from new income monetization to improved service efficiency. “User privacy and security centric iCDN nullify the need for API integrations, and download and installation of any application,” he adds.

We build CAPEX or offer OPEX services on location or through our cloud

NetStairs collaborates with leading industry players to resolve the intricacies in Geo IP and other technologies.

The Fort Lauderdale, FL based firm also collaborates with clients to bring comprehensiveness to its offerings. NetStairs conducts interactive online sessions with clients and zeroes in on their short-term and long-term expectations and requirements. “Once the goals are mapped out we build CAPEX or offer OPEX services on location or through our cloud,” states Moradi. The company also devotes time to educate clients about new standards and helps them apply the most suitable WebRTC security policies.

In one of the implementation highlights, Interactive Academy of Performing Arts (IAPA) had to impart real-time education to K-12 students in a classroom setting. IAPA had been working with educational authorities, Dr. Philips Convention Center, a high school in Orlando, and certified teachers in several states. “Creating interactive learning experience was a challenge for the client,” states Moradi. After deploying, NetStairs’ ClickToVideo (CTV), IAPA could meet the operational requirements and refine their pedagogy as NetStairs enabled them to conduct real-time video learning sessions.

NetStairs’ leadership focuses on creating success stories akin to IAPA. The company had collaborated with Talpa on “The Voice” show and broadcasted the event to 10 million viewers. “The flexibility of NetStairs’ core services is based on years of networking, knowledge engineering, cloud computing, and machine learning know-how,” says Moradi. “At the end of the day, we strive to remain a leading HTML5 WebRTC ecosystem iCDN provider,” concludes Moradi.


Fort Lauderdale, FL

Ahmad Moradi, Chairman & CEO

NetStairs offers CDN solutions that facilitate quality real-time interactive services