Netswitch: Context Based Authentication and Security Solutions

Stanley Li, CEO
In order for any business network to function properly and efficiently, it needs to be protected from possibly harmful traffic. Information and applications that are retrieved and transmitted over a network without protection can fall victim to a variety of attacks. Attacks such as these can hinder connectivity, slow the processing of network traffic into bottlenecks, and even potentially cause damage severe enough to crash an entire system. With Enterprise network security, businesses are provided the preventative real-time protection they need to maintain a highly available, effective information delivery network.

Enter San Francisco based Netswitch, a global technology solutions provider, who has taken the initiative of curbing these security issues and helping businesses to securely run their objectives. Founded in 2000, Netswitch provides information technology services through its One World IT Infrastructure service model which is based on the belief that security, reliable support and high availability are the keys to a successful IT strategy, for any sized business.

Offering Best-Of-Breed Security and Network Monitoring Products

Headed by its CEO, Stanley Li, the firm’s flagship product MADROC® is the only integrated security solution that addresses all security pain points and is delivered via the cloud as a Security-as-a-Service offering. It provides complete protection against cyber-attacks, malware, viruses, phishing, and network bots for Web Applications along with protection for files, data, e-mail, and Application Systems and Programs.

Based on Contextual Security Architecture, MADROC® controls individual profiles and BYOD devices and authenticates access rights at all endpoints, blocking unauthorized or infected devices at both the device and port level to assure that only those people and devices that have been pre-authenticated can access the network.

MADROC® also provides complete IDS and IPS to detect and prevent intrusion through the Web Firewall, and provides a 24x7 SOC to monitor all network traffic for possible breaches.This provides clients with secure web gateways and endpoint protection platforms, thus enabling contextual security across the entire network.
In addition MADROC® tests for context by authentication based on location, position, time and access authorizations assuring the registered owner is the sole user of the device. Every implementationof MADROC® provides complete auditability and regulatory compliance along with real-time network performance data that helps to costeffectively manage network growth, and is fully integrated with networks like Cisco Works, HP OpenView, IBM Tivoli and others.

MADROC® is available on a subscription basis which includes all implementation engineering, configuration, tuning and maintenance.

“Over 25,000 network managers across the globe use MADROC® performance monitoring tools for identifying and fixing pending performance problems. The problems are uncovered by drilling down details on maps and charts enabled by a real time view of the network devices through the MADROC® network monitor,” adds Stanley. Netswitch, in addition to information security, offers managed services for network infrastructure, ERP, SharePoint and Salesforce Implementation Consulting.

Illustrious Clientele

With an accelerating force and having already made its mark in Engineering, Security, Cloud, CRM and SAP, the firm is also poised to offer its services in Financial, Hospitality and BioTechnology domain.

Some of its biggest clients leveraging Netswitch’s vast services are Vodafone, VMware, Wells Fargo Bank, Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels Ltd, Kadoorie Group, Verizon and Charles Schwab.

Roadmap Ahead

Netswitch presents itself as an established and dedicated firm and is making advances in becoming the Global leader in Information mSecurity Management as a service, providing the best and most up-todate detection, risk-management and security protection at the lowest possible cost.


San Francisco, CA

Stanley Li, CEO

A provider of Enterprise Network Security, ERP, Web Development and Systems Integration services in South San Francisco, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing and Bangkok regions.