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Bahan Sadegh, CEO
Workforce management in organizations has become an essential component. Today’s market prefers workforce management to be more cloud-based with tight integration and existing platforms. However, it is not easy to encompass all of the business tools and required software functionalities in a SaaS-based application. One company, nettime solutions, has reached this milestone by helping organizations make workforce decisions by leveraging time and labor management data. “As an expert provider of browser-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) time and attendance, we empower customers to flawlessly execute and manage their workforce by developing a powerful suite of products,” says Bahan Sadegh, CEO, nettime solutions.

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, the company utilizes its integration with NetSuite to offer solutions like ‘stratustime’ that help companies accurately record and track the working hours of their employees’. “A majority of our customers want workforce management solutions to be cloudbased. Stratustime not only addresses this requirement but also eliminates the hassle of installing software and working across different browsers,” says Sadegh. “Stratustime gives them the ability to help reduce resources spent on tracking time and attendance as well as payroll inquiries”.

nettime solutions also ultimately improves workplace productivity by identifying key performance indicators (KPIs). “nettime’s solutions are complemented with dashboards that contain analytic tools to measure and update with an employee’s total working time. This helps control and manage the company’s workforce overtime levels” adds Sadegh. The firm’s solutions are aimed at enabling clients meet compliance requirements as well. “For instance, if the company wants to ensure that their employees’ meal breaks do not exceed the prescribed time limit and are taken at the designated time, nettime solutions helps them determine a few key performance indicators and send productive notifications to keep track of the time,” says Sadegh.

One of the key features of nettime solutions is that it is on par with the technological trends in the market. “We’ve previously been offering our clients the ability to map precisely when and where an employee punched in,” expresses Sadegh.
“Now with our geo-fencing technology, managers have both the ability to restrict employees from recording punches in unauthorized locations and easily configure and deploy those geo-fences to appropriate employees.”

As an expert provider of browser-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) time and attendance, we empower customers to flawlessly execute and manage their workforce by developing a powerful suite of products

Many companies across a variety of industries have benefitted from adopting nettime solutions into their workforce management. In one instance,, a company that connects travelers seeking accommodation with relevant social networks, approached nettime solutions to speed up the tedious and time-consuming task of manually entering attendance data into their payroll systems. Nettime solutions helped the customer move all of their time and attendance reporting to stratustime, allowing employees to use a browserbased version of the current system to clock in and clock out of daily work. “Using stratustime, all we had to do was push a couple of buttons and all of the work hours were seamlessly integrated into SurePayroll,” extols Ed Kushins.

The praise of nettime solutions adds credence to their ability to alleviate challenges around workforce management. As a follow up to their recent success, the company is now planning to increase its global footprint through innovation. “Innovation for us is one of the pillars for success. We wish to carry forward the same philosophy to gather new names in our customer base,” concludes Sadegh.

nettime solutions

Scottsdale, Arizona

Bahan Sadegh, CEO

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