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CIO VendorMark Gibson, President
Enterprises often lack the in-house expertise to navigate the multiple options available for on premise and cloud computing from Microsoft. This leads to a situation where the companies
may implement and support technology without proper ROI insights. Without proper guidance, they may also end up integrating non-Microsoft devices and technologies into their environments for specialized applications. Further, it leads to difficulty in integration of all the personal devices into a management platform that is both secure and efficient. Consequently, Microsoft Licensing models can be complex, and more than ever clients understand that there are always more selection choices available. “Our job, as a trusted advisor, is to navigate these choices with clients, help them discover the best ROI models for their business, and offer a seamless Microsoft environment,” says Mark Gibson, President, Netwise Resources.

Netwise Resources has been a Microsoft Infrastructure expert for over 15 years and is a Gold Certified partner. The company implements and maintains Microsoft centric technologies in the SMBs, Enterprise, Healthcare, K-12, and Government clients. “In a time when most of the consultants freely use contractors and freelancers to deploy complex technologies into their client’s environments, we fully implement and manage the client’s projects with our fulltime in house engineering staff who are trained and experienced in Microsoft and other technologies,” says Gibson. Netwise Resources has a broad understanding of traditional and new technologies with the ability to integrate both of them, and can differentiate between what customers want versus what they need, to guide them on a right selection path. “We understand the best practices in each of the client segments we support, which includes any aspects of the company’s technology viz. desktop and server support, IT consulting and Networking, Cloud Computing, remote support, and more,” he adds.
As most of the potential solution providers and the customers want to rush into a project without the thorough analysis of their current state and time spent to project IT vision, they may fail in consistent ROI. Avoiding any such haste, Netwise Resources takes the time to guide the clients through selection process. “A project’s success is determined 70 percent in the planning and 30 percent in the implementation. So we offer a very detailed upfront consultative process that uncovers client’s specific needs,” says Gibson. “We also understand that a client’s post project
support is as critical as the project plan and implementation, so we provide the clients with comprehensive and detailed monthly reporting that offer complete insight into the performance of their IT systems and infrastructures,” he adds.

Netwise Resources helped one of their large manufacturing clients by designing a Virtualization, Storage, and Auto Failover Systems to help the client expand their production capabilities and increase revenues quarter after quarter. The solution leveraged stability of the Microsoft Server OS and Microsoft’s Active Directory services assisting in securing access to network resources, allowing operations to be streamlined and efficiencies to be gained. Bundled with virtualization technology and scalable shared storage, the client was able to maintain round the clock operations through their busiest production schedules.

Going forward, Netwise Resources wants to continue double-digit its growth rate of 20 to 25 percent annually. “For this, we focus on growth of our managed services client base and on providing additional value added services like Print Management,” concludes Gibson.

We understand all project management processes which defines the difference between project success and failure

Netwise Resources

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Mark Gibson, President

Netwise Resources is the IT consultant that handles any aspect of client’s technology from desktop support, to round the clock maintenance and monitoring of network