Network Affiliates Inc.: A Compliant and Conversion-Focused Approach toward Online Presence

Emily Frickey, Director, Digital Marketing
Legal marketing and advertising is one of the most competitive verticals today and stands right at the top of the list in terms of the money invested by these businesses in advertisements. “With the introduction of digital platforms, the space has further become fragmented, as now, legal firms need to target specific audience and demographics,” says Emily Frickey, the director of digital marketing at Network Affiliates Inc., and the next-in-line to head the third-generation business.

The decentralized nature of the legal marketing environment has made it more challenging for legal institutions to remain competitive and convert leads into clients. Network Affiliates is a pioneer in this niche industry that caters to these specific needs by creating conversion-focused websites. The firm relies on client data and research to comprehend the design placement in order to deliver a creative and intuitive website and capture leads. By utilizing various functionalities such as click-to-call, chat, and text, the firm ensures that the conversion plans are at the forefront of their agenda while they provide an intuitive user experience. Network Affiliates’ review-based platform further reaffirms and strengthens the prominence of the websites the company helps design to ensure that the public-facing view of the law firm stands out for their prospective clients.

Network Affiliates has an in-house production unit which helps them provide quality television creative campaigns, and handle media planning and buying. Through their production facility and in-house media buyers, the company steers ahead of the competition as they can offer the highest standards in broadcast and digital services to their clients seamlessly.

For the Network Affiliates team, it is of utmost importance to undertake an in-depth approach to assist clients in capturing leads. Once, they run a thorough research and analytics on their clients’ data, they put together a comprehensive plan, and initiate the first step, which is to build wireframes for the website. “We don’t believe in ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions, thus ensure that the framework of the design is focused on the core ‘conversion functionality’ before we get into the aesthetics as it can be subjective,” states Emily.

We don’t believe in ‘one-size-fits-all’ solutions, thus ensure that the framework of the design is focused on the core ‘conversion’ functionality

By determining the client’s SEO ranking, demographic details, visitor flow, and customer traction, Network Affiliates then analyzes KPIs, such as cost per lead, acquisition, and cases. They also evaluate the lead intake process of their clients to enhance their business further. By following the same process of building a website and focusing on SEO, Network Affiliates once helped a small sole attorney firm to build their online presence and grow their client-base over the last three years. Today, the client has three attorneys and a staff of paralegals and has been empowered by Network Affiliates to compete with large legal firms.

On the compliance side, the company stays updated on the new and changing rules and regulations. A team of account managers is also employed by the firm to ensure that they follow all the rules and regulations that are mandated by the respective state’s bar associations.

The secret to Network Affiliates’ success has been the tight-knit family culture that has been embraced by its employees— one the firm strives to extend to its clients as well. “Our work culture is one of the many reasons why we have employee and client relationships that have spanned 15+ years, some of which have even lasted from the day of Network Affiliates’ conception till today,” adds Emily. In the near future, the firm aims to work within the SEO framework and also in the voice-activated search landscape, as she believes, “With the proliferation of wearable technology, we sense an opportunity to tap into this market.”

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Emily Frickey, Director, Digital Marketing

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