Network Solutions: End-to-End Solutions Simplify Networking and Provide Business Outcome Focused Implementations

Larry Tadevich, Founder
Mobility, virtualization, and enhanced communication infrastructure are not just the names of the dominating trends anymore, they have become the oxygen that sustain and enable businesses to flourish in the corporate world today. They have inspired a robust medium for doing business in a cost effective manner allowing customers to embark on a cloud expedition toward fully virtualized, software-defined data center architecture.

All these powerful technologies are of far greater value when offered by a trustworthy and competent firm well established in the market and that grasps the challenges, and needs of the organizations with which they partner.

Granger, IN headquartered Network Solutions, Inc. is one such pioneer. Network Solutions enables firms to spend their valuable time managing their business and less time managing technology. Founded in 1989, Network Solutions is Cisco’s largest Indiana-based reseller, which has brought a wealth of exceptional experience and end-to-end tools to the door-step of mid-level and enterprise markets of Indiana and the surrounding states.

“Years ago, when Cisco shifted from the direct sales and support model to a channels model, we made the decision to get on board with Cisco,” explains Larry Tadevich, Founder of Network Solutions. Since then the company has regularly set milestones with its technical proficiency and has connected numerous firms’ business goals with visionary solutions.

Network Solutions has a strong and cultivated team who fuel the company to reach its goals. Many of the engineers have earned the prestigious Cisco Certified Inter-networking Expert (CCIE) certification that is a testimony to their expert skills as well as their internal culture of commitment to continual growth and development.

Network Solutions also partners with a number of complementary organiza¬tions to bring a broader set of solutions to their customers. It did not take much time for the educational bodies and or¬ganizations in manufacturing, finance, and the medical spaces to realize and ap¬prove of the insightful offerings Network Solutions bring to the table. The com¬pany has also been in the spotlight for their solutions in collaboration, meeting the demands of voice systems, call center functionality, and video solutions.

In the data center, computation, virtualization, storage and core infrastructure are provided in one integrated package with robust security features.

The market changes quickly so you must keep reinventing yourself

Software defined networking (SDN) is also a developing area for Network Solutions. Though it will take some time to bear fruit, the company is already planting SDN’s seeds for the future. SDN has the ability to unify the network and automate resources that seamlessly extend across cloud boundaries.This flexibility enables optimal utilization of existing physical network infrastructure. “The market changes quickly so you must keep reinventing yourself”, suggests Larry.

As Network Solutions has strengthened their current posi¬tion, they have also kept their eyes on the future. They plan to continue to build a practice around SDN, deepen their part¬nership with Cisco, and stay ahead of the trends in IoT (internet of things).

Network Solutions

Granger, IN

Larry Tadevich, Founder

Network Solutions provides end-to-end networking solutions around collaboration, virtualization, security, and data centers through its outstanding workforce and technical expertise.