Network Specialty Group (NSG): Novel Ways to Ward off IT Malwares in Cloud

Prasen Vasavada, President & CEO
In the last few years, cloud computing has itself transformed from being a mere IT platform to one of the core segments of the IT industry. Many organizations are employing a plethora of cloud services, both public and private, to meet their business goals. Consequently, the rapid migration to cloud is paving the way for IT malwares, unwanted invasions, and cyber security threats. Working to meet these challenges is the Gaithersburg, MD-based Network Specialty Group, a firm that specializes in cyber security for cloud deployments while offering various other IT services. “For organizations that are adopting cloud services, there is a dire need to ensure that cyber security should be implemented early on, and not as an afterthought,” delineates Prasen Vasavada, President and CEO, Network Specialty Group (NSG). “We are forefront in ensuring the integrity of our client’s data both on the cloud and within their intranet.”

Founded in 1994, NSG infuses the motto—“Innovate, Activate, and Elevate’ into all of their IT service offerings. NSG has industry credentials in providing monitoring, detecting, and defending against security threats. Additionally, the firm is equipped to evaluate the role of technologies while focusing on their core competencies in areas such as program management, project management, software solutions and information management, cyber security, information assurance, and compliance and IT operations and maintenance. “With our core competencies and IT acumen, we are able to maximize the benefits of these new technologies while reducing our clients’ risk exposure,” explains Vasavada.

NSG with its industry-certified secure application developers employs an avant garde approach to cater to the evolving needs of its customers. “We don’t live in the past; we live in the present and look to the future,” adds Vasavada. Today, applications are developed not just for desktops and laptops but also for tablets and mobile devices; NSG is deft in addressing the new age cyber security needs or secure code development. In addition, the company embraces the principle of ensuring consistency in quality, communications, and performance with consistent processes and procedures.

For organizations that are adopting cloud services, there is dire need to ensure that cyber security should be implemented and not an afterthought

Furthermore, NSG holds tight integration with renowned cyber security companies like AlienVault and CS Solutions. Leveraging on this laudable association with AlienVault, the company plans to enhance its expertise in the Unified Security Management (USM) technology to build on its Open Source SIEM (OSSIM), an information and event monitoring platform. Essentially, NSG intends to eliminate the propagation of malware across an entire enterprise, from a single system to 1,000’s of systems by through its partnership with CS Solutions.

Many of NSG’s clients have received a fresh approach to solving the IT challenges that are seen in the public and private sectors. In one instance, the USDA Forest Service had a need for a comprehensive information assurance program to implement cyber security controls based on an annual security audit and mandatory regulatory compliance. After thoroughly identifying a set of challenges set of challenges, the customer created a list of objectives. NSG built proactive cyber security policies and procedures as per regulatory guidelines for the FS. The company’s program management system provided the Forest Service with the much needed structure, controls, and adaptability that ensured successful completion. NSG Cyber Security’s specialists also reviewed, assessed, and updated the Forest Service’s cyber security control policies and procedures.

NSG has recently been accredited as a Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) Third Party Assessment Organization (3PAO). Forging forward, the firm plans to focus on technology within the realm of cyber security, specifically with the cyber security compliance of federal cloud based solutions.

Network Specialty Group

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Prasen Vasavada, President & CEO

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