Networking Technologies and Support: Connectivity that Means Business

Bernard Robinson, Founder & President
The demands on a corporate network are getting complex by the day, with endpoints multiplying daily and the bulk of enterprises now supporting BYOD policies. The tidy one way traffic of yesteryear is currently in a quagmire, placing a lot of pressure on IT teams who are constantly scrambling to secure their network. To top it all, in the coming years enterprise networks will encounter another surge of devices, applications, and network loads and according to the latest IDC predictions, by 2018 the number of IoT devices will more than double, spurring the development of 200,000 new apps. “Although networking infrastructure is an essential component of any business operation, very few organizations see the value in investing large amounts of time, resources, and upgrades before a failure takes place,” remarks Bernard Robinson, Founder and President, Networking Technologies and Support (NTS). Whether a business operates on one desktop or hundred, has a complex integrated Local Area Network (LAN), or is ready for a new network configuration, NTS provides a wide range of network infrastructure solutions, integration, and managed services.”At NTS we’re more than a group of networking engineers. With over 20 years of experience as a network system integrator, we’re not order-takers but pro-active problem-solvers,” says Robinson.

Initially a two person IT Company in Chesterfield County, today, NTS has grown to a national business that serves 16 states, including local business and government clients. The company has an in house Network Operations Center, within their headquarters—affectionately referred to as a Fish Bowl, which houses expert engineers with specialties in network and system administration. NTS’ qualified team provides networking solutions through coordinated use of hardware, software, and emerging technologies. “Network integration is a core component of the NTS arsenal and we also handle installations, upgrades, cloud services, security, and Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions,” remarks Robinson. NTS assesses the design, performance, security, and traffic loads in a client’s technology to deliver strategic approaches for network optimization.Keeping in mind the need for wireless connectivity in an increasingly mobile world, NTS not only has a deep understanding in advanced Internet Protocol-based data network but also offers security services that include penetration testing, intrusion detection, and firewall management.

With over 20 years of experience as a network system integrator, we’re not order-takers but pro-active problem-solvers

When the Department of Defense (DOD) was on the lookout for a vendor to provide a thorough and comprehensive maintenance program for its mainframes, NTS came to the rescue with an effective solutions plan. The government body’s requirements included—hardware maintenance support at Computer Operations Centers spread across 14 states and also asset management, fixed-rate hardware maintenance programs, and relocation services. NTS formed a plan that involved direct hires and subcontracting with the incumbent to ensure a seamless transition without jeopardizing Service Level Agreements. “NTS’ local decision-making authority, cost effectiveness, flexibility, and technical expertise has allowed the agency to find creative ways to extend equipment life, improve asset allocation, and reduce total cost of ownership,” points out Robinson.

For maximum client efficacy, NTS also offers a managed services program that monitors, alerts, and notifies clients about the health and performance of IT assets. “We can help you get the most out of your technology infrastructure, whether it’s remote or on site,” says Robinson. As an extension to their service offering the company has also launched AccredIT, an educational division which offers the highest quality training and instruction. Always aiming at delivering best-in-class services, NTS also partners with a host of software, hardware, and service authorization providers for seamless digital networking and wireless support.

“We work hard to think past today’s needs and even in the future we will continue to satisfy our clients as enterprise networking gets more complex and critical,” ends Robinson.

Networking Technologies and Support

Midlothian, VA

Bernard Robinson, Founder & President

A network system integrator that provides an extensive range of IT solutions including network infrastructure solutions, managed services and monitoring, and mobile device management