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CIO VendorDoug Liljegren, Salesforce Practice Manager
Doug Liljegren, Salesforce Practice Manager at NeuNet Consultants, believes that our success begins and ends with customer satisfaction. Based in Overland Park, KS, NeuNet Consultants is an innovative consulting firm that helps small and mid-sized company’s implements CRM solutions.“The continuity our project managers provide from pre-sales to ongoing support, our extensive consulting experience, and the quality of our implementations are each highly valued by our clients,” says Liljegren.

During client engagements, the company utilizes a unique implementation methodology called crmCoach™ to prototype and refine effective cloud solutions. They recommend industry best practices, suggest innovative uses of functionality, and provide well-architected custom solutions. “Our team of certified Salesforce administrators, consultants, and developers will quickly evaluate your needs, select and implement the right functionality, and innovate when needed to help businesses run more efficiently,” remarks Liljegren. “This high-touch approach means every customer receives a start-to-finish solution, tailored to their specific objectives and requirements. With three levels of online or onsite reviews, the functionality works, the analytics are right, and users adopt quickly.”

NeuNet’s crmCoach strategy models the relationship between an Olympic athlete and their professional coach. The athlete competes but the coach provides valuable guidance and expertise. In the crmCoach process, NeuNet listens to understand customer’s goals, requirements and business processes, then prototypes this functionality in, and reviews the solution with the customer to identify any required refinements. The company organizes data from back-end databases, email solutions, and individual data sources and imports them into utilizing the relational database features to manage data more efficiently. They create analytics for real-time visibility into data by using reports and dashboards. “The users receive their own dashboard with real-time analytics based on their position, goals and objectives,” says Liljegren.
An ongoing issue ticketing process ensures all critical items are addressed and resolved for go-live. Salesforce1, the mobile application, ensures that users can access and manage accounts, contacts, opportunities, activities and cases from any mobile device.

NeuNet draws on broad industry experience and hundreds of successful implementations to recommend best practices, suggest innovative uses of functionality, and provide well-architected custom solutions. Often a company needs to integrate back-end, accounting, or ERP systems with CRM. NeuNet has the technical expertise and 30 years of experience with both database and application level integration. Their in-depth knowledge has helped integrate data from a variety of ERP applications including Microsoft Dynamics, Infor, QAD, SysPro, Macola, MAS, JD Edwards, Oracle and SAP. With on-staff accountants, NeuNet also implements FinancialForce accounting and supply chain solutions in the cloud. Even complex projects can be implemented at competitive cost using a variety of contract, on-site, off-site and dedicated, full-time offshore resources.

We provide services that guide your Salesforce project teams to CRM success at an affordable price

Using this unique approach, NeuNet implemented solutions for seven of the twenty divisions of a worldwide construction equipment manufacturer, two divisions of a large industrial supply sales company, and hundreds of small or mid-sized businesses. Moving forward, Liljegren is looking to partner with companies that are ready to convert their existing ERP or legacy applications to the cloud. “We meet customer demands through a combination of on premise consulting and off-site development that gives the ability to scale large projects easily and cost effectively,” concludes Liljegren. NeuNet Consultants can be found on the AppExchange under Consulting Partners.

NeuNet Consultants

Overland Park, KS

Doug Liljegren, Salesforce Practice Manager

Provides consulting services for CRM implementations in the Midwest United States.