NeuralSoft: Building a New Paradigm in the ERP Space

Gustavo Viceconti, CEO
Efficiently managing information systems to streamline the day-to-day workflow is crucial for organizations aiming to thrive in a fast-paced, hyper-competitive environment. However, they’re often found controlled by their information systems despite this ever-growing need, primarily due to a range of obsolete systems in their ecosystem. Their inability to integrate each other weighs down organizations’ innovations, highlighting the need for a new, robust ERP solution to empower information systems and keep up with their business needs.

This is where NeuralSoft can help.

NeuralSoft pioneers in building and delivering new technologies to clients. Its data centers were first built to host its ERP clients’ operations; following the same legacy, it has introduced MyLogic, a revolutionary cloud ERP solution changing how ERPs are implemented and used worldwide. Developed after continuous R&D for over ten years, it empowers users to co-create their required ERP without programming.

“Our state-of-the-art ERP is a complete business solution that runs every business process on a single platform, including custom processes and functionalities,” says Gustavo Viceconti, CEO of NeuralSoft. “With MyLogic, clients can eliminate the nightmare of dealing with multiple software solutions from different vendors.”

To help clients bolster critical business capabilities and execution, MyLogic enhances the system and data integration across platforms. The solution runs custom processes and functionalities on the same platform without depending on programming paradigms to increase process innovation and reduce the cost and time for implementation by 90 percent. MyLogic prevents the possibility of any error or inconsistency while developing new features to ensure the customizations are compatible with the present and future versions. It also has a revolutionary real-time analytics feature that enables users to create dashboards for inspecting and editing data in minutes.
Incorporating features like business intelligence, manufacturing planning and management, HCM, CRM, financial accounting and controlling, warehouse management, and SCM, MyLogic helps clients address their issues in real-time. In one instance, it enabled Tyrolit Argentina, a world leader in abrasive technology, to successfully replace their world-class manufacturing management system. However, training employees to use the new software after decades of using another was challenging for the client. NeuralSoft’s team of industry experts was instrumental in helping them mitigate this issue while allowing them to optimize their automated process beyond what they believed was achievable, all in less than six months.

Our state-of-the-art ERP is a complete business solution that runs every business process on a single platform, including custom processes and functionalities

Instances like these stand testament to NeuralSoft’s customer-first approach and ability to push the boundaries to meet and exceed client expectations. It consistently stays committed to maintaining their ERP operations and offers 24/7 support, personalized customer care agents, high-availability data centers, and professional and custom programming services that perfectly suit customer needs.

Moving forward, NeuralSoft aims to build on the same legacy and establish itself as the most trusted partner in helping organizations transform and achieve their ERP goals. It looks forward to expanding its operations globally by offering a competitive edge to clients with MyLogic


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Gustavo Viceconti, CEO

Founded in 1989, NeuralSoft is a pioneer in creating and providing new technologies to SMBs and large enterprises to simplify business management and increase clients' ROI. To empower its end-users, the company has developed MyLogic, a cloud-based ERP that will profoundly change how ERPs are implemented and used worldwide