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Saurabh Gupta, Founder & Managing Director
Education systems have been extensively using Information and Communications Technology (ICT) for more than two decades to enhance the experience of learning. “However, we realized a gap in the education industry regarding the usage of ICT solutions to make the entire system more effective and efficient,” begins Saurabh Gupta, Founder and Managing Director of Neutrino. Addressing the need of the hour, Neutrino IT Technologies provided applications that went on to make the education sector more competent as well as successful in regards to e-learning, resource management, and data security. “Neutrino utilizes a gamified approach with a mechanism of recognition and rewards, which is well received by the entire industry,” affirms Gupta.

Driven by its success among education institutions, the company has taken it up a notch and brought the same approach to eGovernance, as effective engagement and security solutions is a key demand in this sector. While the company initially faced difficulties in bringing about a change in governance using ICT—since it is a different ballgame altogether—Neutrino gained a wealth of experience by working on various eGovernance projects. “Neutrino’s passion to deliver applications quickly and cost effectively in conjunction with their eagerness to understand the eGovernance system and implement their unique approach, makes the company stand out in the market,” states Gupta. After extensively working for a number of government departments and proving its prowess, Neutrino progresses forward to deliver services on multifaceted technical and business capabilities in overseas markets.

The company’s product line includes Document Management System, e-Learning Management System, Advanced Education Management System, and nSecrypt—an advanced data protection software—along with few international tie-ups for products such as Omnidex and QPR Suite. “Omnidex is a highly optimized search and analytics engine that delivers dramatically faster queries for data warehouse, business intelligence, and e-commerce applications,” says Gupta.

Neutrino utilizes a gamified approach with a mechanism of recognition and rewards to maximize user engagement, which is well received by the entire industry

It is used by various international, financial, and government organizations at the core of their business critical applications and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions. The QPR Suite offers a comprehensive selection of tools enabling not only process modeling, performance analysis and measuring, but also enterprise architecture. It comprises four separate software products that can be integrated together to support organizations in developing their operations as a whole, looking at the big picture. “We not only take care of project development, but also partner with the client in strategizing, creating, and then promoting the product—giving end-to-end technology and business support,” says Gupta.

In the domain of IT services, Neutrino provides web and application development, involving the Internet of Things (IoT), smart data analytics, BI, and database management. “Neutrino’s value added services like social media marketing, Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) campaigns, AdWords, search engine optimization, and mobile platform promotions help clients reach their right audience,” states Gupta.

Neutrino has been focusing on e-Commerce ventures and technology startups and has assisted various technology startups in the U.S., Australia, Netherlands, Middle East, and India in a joint model of costing and equity participation. “We are in final stages to tie up with the world’s most reputed crowd funding platform to work jointly as a ‘preferred technology partner,’” shares Gupta. With startups raising funds from the platform, Neutrino is all set to offer exclusive discounted prices for efficient services in web and mobile application development.

Neutrino IT Technologies

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Saurabh Gupta, Founder & Managing Director

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