Nevatech: Flexible API Management and SOA Governance Software

Of late, solution providers are leveraging Application Program Interface (API) management and software-oriented architectures (SOA) through middleware software to achieve combined features of competitive advantage and better governance in a single platform. However, the solution providers face challenges in designing a platform that manages both API and SOA services securely, in cloud or hybrid environments. Focusing on the convergence, Nevatech, an Atlanta, GA-based company offers a flexible API management and SOA governance software platform that promotes integration through API and SOA standards. “Our platform is designed to connect, mediate, secure, and manage interactions between services across an enterprise or in the cloud,” says Andrew Slivker, CTO of Nevatech.

Partnered with Microsoft, Nevatech focuses on providing products and services for organizations that adopt principles of SOA and API management in their mission-critical business and IT initiatives. “As their long-time strategic partner, Nevatech values the ability to share its flagship platform, Sentinet, and its advanced application services governance and management capabilities with the Microsoft community,” adds Slivker.

Our platform is designed to connect, mediate, secure, and manage interactions between services across the enterprise or in the cloud

Sentinet is a unified middleware infrastructure software that manages heterogeneous API and SOA services and applications deployed on-premises in the cloud or hybrid environments. The platform provides clients’ integration architectures with design-time governance and automated run-time API management. Sentinet is featured with interoperable web services-based public API with multiple extensibility points. Built entirely on Microsoft platform, Sentinet supports and manages both Microsoft and other architectures and integrates and extends capabilities of Microsoft Azure cloud platform and SOA offerings. “We assist organizations with connectivity and integrations across enterprise and cloud applications by enriching them with dynamic and remote manageability of security, access control, monitoring, alerting, SLAs management, and automated testing,” adds Slivker. Sentinet supports various security standards and custom authentication schemes.
Andrew Slivker, CTO
Sentinet platform compromises of four major components. One of the components, Sentinet repository, features a centralized, hierarchical, and secure storage for all SOA and API managed software assets through its on-premises cloud based MS SQL server database. The Sentinet management service component is an API of interoperable SOAP and REST services that offers secure access to the Sentinet repository. For high-performance, low-latency, scalable intermediary negotiators that host dynamic virtual services, Nevatech designed Sentinet Nodes component that are managed by Sentinet administrators. The platform’s components offer powerful and non-intrusive monitoring message exchange services to the clients with recording and troubleshooting.

For instance, City of Stockholm organization initially used Microsoft Managed Service Engine (MSE) to register, maintain, and manage their SOA services. Along with managing SOA services, the client required a solution to develop, deploy, and operate reusable platform services and APIs in a managed and governed environment. In order to meet the client’s requirements, Nevatech implemented Sentinet platform that offered a non-intrusive solution enabling client’s e-services SOA architecture with services security and access control. With the platform’s centralized repository, the client tracked their existing software assets, operational metrics, and managed the client’s API environment.

To stay ahead in the competition, Nevatech provides organizations and development teams reliable, secure, and agile SOA and API solutions. Fortune 1000 companies use Nevatech products to ensure their API services and applications are connected, secured, and monitored in a single platform. Recently, the company has released its latest version, Sentinet 4.5 focusing on advanced API messages processing and transformation features, and support for OAuth protocol. For the days to come, Nevatech has plans to explore multiple areas to extend Sentinet’s capabilities.


Atlanta, GA

Andrew Slivker, CTO

Offers a flexible API and SOA Governance software platform that promotes integration through API and SOA standards