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Ron Brush, Founder & President
Ron Brush has been into the tech business for over two decades, but at heart, he’s still an entrepreneur with a passion for breaking new ground and exploring new approaches. Twenty years back he saw a need to help pipeline operators ensure safe and reliable energy transportation and founded New Century Software. Brush also started an effort with the Gas Technology Institute (GTI), and helped found the Pipeline Open Data Standard (PODS) Association to develop an industry standard data model for the pipeline industry. His zeal for entrepreneurship can be exemplified tracking the growth trajectory of New Century Software, which began by replacing traditional CAD and drafting systems with GIS alignment sheet generation software during its earlier days of inception, now sports varied innovative solutions for pipeline risk assessment, spill plume modeling and greater integration of the GIS with enterprise systems.

The integration of GIS to pipeline consequence analysis, risk analysis, and data management applications allows pipeline operators to spatially locate both assets and specific features or areas of concern. To this end, New Century Software’s GIS applications like Spatial Risk Analyst enables pipeline risk engineers to make more informed risk management decisions by quickly viewing pertinent spatial data along with specific risk information. It also provides pipeline operators the ability to identity their most risky assets and the highest risk areas along their pipeline assets.

The company also pioneers in meeting the U.S. Department of Transportation Integrity Management regulations for natural gas and hazardous liquids to help pipeline operators determine how their assets, in the event of a failure, could affect population areas and other sensitive areas known as High Consequence Areas (HCAs). New Century Software’s Gas HCA and Spill Impact Analyst and New Century’s modeling and regulatory experts help pipeline operators predict theoretical scenarios to determine where and how their pipelines might impact HCAs.

Integrity Management regulations also require pipeline operators to run integrity assessments on segments that could impact HCAs.

We believe it is a privilege to serve the pipeline industry, and we strive to continue to provide solutions and services that facilitate safe operations of pipeline assets

One means of assessing the pipeline assets involves the passage of an internal inspection device or in line inspection (ILI) tool. These tools provide indications where anomalies such as dents and or metal loss have occurred in the pipeline. Supporting the analysis of ILI results are both New Century’s Alignment Manager and InTrack. The Alignment Manager application provides pipeline operators the ability to align ILI anomaly data and compare to features along the pipeline. InTrack allows for the storage of historical pipeline centerline information, and has the ability to support pipeline operators in implementing their anomaly management programs.

In an instance, a major integrated operator selected New Century Software to replace its existing GIS solution. One of the primary objectives was to enable automated mobile field updates of the enterprise GIS. New Century’s system enabled client’s field users to complete 21 separate field workflows digitally, including using GPS location, photos and links to work process documentation.

Increasingly, New Century Software is working with gas utilities who operate regulated pipelines. These operators require both a Distribution Integrity Management Program (DIMP) and a Transmission Integrity Management Program (TIMP). The company wants to find new opportunities as these two very different worlds converge with GIS technology and common user and field workflows. “We believe it is a privilege to serve the pipeline industry, and we strive to continue to provide solutions and services that facilitate safe operations of pipeline assets,” concludes the Founder and President of New Century Software.

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Ron Brush, Founder & President

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