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Michael Wilson, CEO & Mansur Plumber, Technical Advisor
In today’s hyperconnected world, municipalities and police departments often struggle to keep up-to-date with technology solutions, due to lack of time and resources. They rely on obsolete or patched versions that no longer serve their officers or their communities in the way they were intended. This is where New in Blue, a company built and run by cops for cops, is completely changing the dynamic by offering innovative platforms with the power to shape the future of law enforcement.

“We operate efficiently and effectively in order to mitigate the cost associated with implementing technology. The law enforcement agencies can take those savings and leverage them to enhance wellness, community engagement, and other needs of the communities,” explains Michael Wilson, CEO at New in Blue.

New In Blue brings first-hand insights and understanding of the challenges that first responders face and hence brings the most appropriate solutions to mitigate them. The company offers solutions that enhance safety for first responders and the community. The firm also understands the importance of allowing the community to voice their concerns and has thus developed platforms to engage the community to make processes convenient. Considering the well-being of the first responders and the community, New in Blue has developed a portfolio of solutions to improve various government services ranging from public service, law enforcement, and 911 dispatch to ticket writing.

One of the company’s key solutions, Tickets On The Go, is a secure and easy to-use eCitation smartphone app that auto-populates a citation form and allows officers to share tickets with a defendant via print, email or text message. It saves valuable time that makes officers more efficient and reduces friction with the public in fact, the process is 50 percent faster than handwriting or ticket writers. It also reduces illegibility errors, so that there are fewer dismissals. And it costs a fraction of a dedicated ticket writer.
The organization also offers a survey tool known as Review the Blue, which bridges the gap between the public sentiment and the law enforcement officers. It’s a revolutionary tool developed in compliance with the national and state accreditation standards and helps determine how stress impacts people and the way they respond while reviewing a service or an interaction with the officers. The neuroscience component of the tool allows a certain number of sleep cycles to occur before the review is sent via a text message or email to the citizen to help them come to a normal state after an incident.

New in Blue, a Texas based company, run by cops for the cops, is changing the dynamics of the way law enforcement agencies in the country employ technology

And New in Blue has developed a modernized, cloud-based Investigative Database, which fills the void prevailing in the public sector regarding information sharing. For instance, if there is a case being investigated where the agency has a person of interest or a vehicle of interest to be verified, an alert can be created into the database to obtain the desired information. Owing to such functionalities, New in Blue’s platforms are widely used across law enforcement agencies to ensure operational efficiency and automation of processes.

Because its solutions are affordable for agencies of all sizes, New in Blue is building a vast and varied client base, serving smaller entities that are often underserved, as well as large departments. The company further aims to continue developing new platforms to consistently best serve law enforcement agencies and their communities.

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Michael Wilson, CEO & Mansur Plumber, Technical Advisor

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