NewField IT: Analytics to Optimize Printing

Bob Hoskins, Software & Innovation Director
The fusion of analytics and managed print services (MPS) has been ground-breaking in business echelons. Holistic insights into MPS ecosystems are provided through continuous analysis rather than periodic ‘snapshots’ to eliminate ‘bad print’ from workflows. However, a holistic understanding of the print environment requires a clear knowledge of the devices, users, documents, and processes. Excelling as a ‘go-to’ provider for insights into print solutions is NewField IT—a division of Xerox—with an illustrious expertise in business intelligence. “By analyzing the data surrounding printing activities, as opposed to each device, we help organizations address the root cause of their ‘bad print,’” mentions Bob Hoskins, Software and Innovation Director, NewField IT.

NewField IT’s products and services are structured around the “analytics continuum” that focuses on four areas of an organization: devices, users, documents, and processes. Each area offers different kinds of insights into the environment and builds on the previous levels progressively. “Device analytics is our heritage. With Asset DB, NewField IT was the first to bring a commercial application for device assessment to the market,” says Hoskins. Asset DB software maps the physical location of devices and collects the data generated by printers pertaining to volume, sustainability, and finances, allowing different states to be designed. “A fully optimized print fleet is crucial but devices do not print documents, users do,” says Hoskins. User analytics analyzes individual print behavior through data collected from various systems to provide an understanding of users’ printing patterns. “Our patented Document Analytics services identify the reasons behind paper intensive processes,” he adds. By “chasing the paper” around a customer’s environment, NewField IT identifies process inefficiency hotspots step-by-step, which is the essence of Process Analytics. Detailed diagnostic analytics of the current state of a process enables effective prediction of the future state, thereby delivering productivity gains.

NewField IT’s consultative approach to deploying solutions involves its MPS Assessment and Design teams that focus on effective delivery of device analytics along with configurable options that address clients’ specific requirements, with importance on security, cost effectiveness, and user experience.

By analyzing the data surrounding printing activities, as opposed to each device, we help organizations address the root cause of their ‘bad print’

An Advanced Consulting team provides document and process analytics to organizations to recommend workflows. Hoskins further mentions that NewField IT provides proof of concept for solutions during the initial stages to unlock the various possibilities and fine tune the requirements before clients invest heavily in development.

Innovation is another hallmark of NewField IT, wherein clients are encouraged to submit their requests and suggestions for enhancing the software and its features, through a multi-language help desk. Hoskins mentions that the suggestions help in understanding the usage patterns of the software, following which the innovation team incorporates them to enrich the products and services.

The value proposition of NewField IT caught the attention of a large enterprise that sought to understand the print behavior of its users, an aspect that affected the durability, reliability, and performance of the client’s equipment. When brought onboard, NewField IT integrated its user analytics solution to the client’s printing help desk to provide a complete view of the system. The demystified environment helped the client optimize their MPS operations for better accountability and productivity, which enhanced the durability of printing equipment.

NewField IT’s solutions are closely integrated with Xerox, which provides clients a bigger advantage with regard to MPS. NewField IT enjoys several productive and exciting collaborations with organizations like the Palo Alto Research Center to revolutionize MPS. “Focus on security and analytics would remain at the forefront of NewField IT,” concludes Hoskins.

NewField IT

Twickenham, UK

Bob Hoskins, Software & Innovation Director

Provides analytics solutions for managed print services environment to enable a comprehensive view of the printing ecosystem

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