Newforma: Effective Project Management in the Cloud

Daniel Conery, Vice President of Construction & Owner Solutions
When Daniel Conery sees forecasts that by 2050, in order to house a growing population, the world will need twice the number of buildings, that it has now, he thinks of construction. Conery is the vice president of construction and owner solutions at the Manchester, New Hampshire-based project information management software company, Newforma. “Globalization is promoting a massive demographic shift from rural to urban areas,” Conery says. “This is adding up to the already-overgrown populations of the city, leading to a rise in demand for buildings, and in turn, a boom in the construction industry.”

This rapid increase in construction will require new technologies to make the industry more efficient and effective. That is Conery’s charge.

Having worked in the construction software industry for over 20 years, Conery, and the co-founders of Newforma, has ideas of how to solve problems faced by today’s construction industry. “We see that people spend a lot of time looking for useful information, which is ultimately a waste of time,” Conery says. “We felt that we should free them from mundane tasks, like managing emails, transferring files, and trying to get approval on documentation, so that they can spend more time doing more important and enjoyable work.” Newforma technology helps project teams easily access and manage their project information. “We are making it easier for the design and construction industry to manage information in a way that’s suited to their workflows,” says Conery.

Conery is enthusiastic about the benefits of technology. “Technology has brought great changes in our industry,” Conery says. “For example, today’s construction professional can access project information on site using a smartphone. A trip back to the office is no longer necessary to retrieve the latest set of drawings. Newforma products provide ready access to information for every stakeholder in the project—including partners and remote team members–improving communication and coordination among them. This leads to more successful project delivery, reduced risk, increased productivity, and improved client satisfaction.”
Newforma software is the most integrated and comprehensive solution to manage all forms of project information, whether at the office, from cloud, or on the go. Newforma products that work behind a company’s firewall bring efficiencies to the company. Products that are hosted in the cloud bring efficiencies to the larger project team–a particularly important benefit during construction, when project teams include large numbers of sub-contractors, as well as owners, multiple consultants, and (sometimes) government approvers.

Newforma Mobile Apps allow team members to access and manage project information using smartphones and tablets, and the apps integrate with the other Newforma products. This ensures that information on mobile devices is the same information that people access from their desks, whether in the office or in a job trailer on site.

Newforma integrates information from design, construction, and owner’s teams, and automates related workflows

Newforma Project Cloud web-hosted construction collaboration software integrates information from design, construction, and owner’s teams, and automates workflows related to document approval, PDF markup, and general communication. These products greatly help in solving problems like pricing disagreements. When two business organizations argue on contracts, the old information can be retrieved easily with Newforma’s solutions. Clients like Glavé & Holmes, ADD Inc, WB Engineers, and Skender Construction testify that Newforma solutions are a necessity for them.

Conery adds, “The sole focus of the company is to be dynamic and stay with the changes in technology, while providing new solutions to customers that will transform building and infrastructure project delivery.”


Manchester, NH

Daniel Conery, Vice President of Construction & Owner Solutions

Newforma is a project information management software company integrating people, projects and processes for more successful building and infrastructure project delivery