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Brent Newsome, VP of Business Development
The mobile communications market is witnessing a paradigm shift towards ‘cloudification’, and highly scalable Software-as-a-Service solutions to lower total cost of ownership, and to future-proof operator revenues by launching new, richer unified services quicker. This shift is not only marked by delivery of new emerging IP communication technologies but also by the supporting services that consolidate legacy SS7 based service capabilities. Set against the backdrop of dynamic mobile communications market is NewNet Communication Technologies (NewNet), a provider of innovative solutions for next generation mobile technologies, enables operators to build, manage, and deploy cost efficient SMS, MMS, and RCS systems. “Our product portfolio covers virtual instances of SMS, MMS, VoWIFI, WebRTC and IP messaging solutions,” asserts Brent Newsome, VP of Business Development, NewNet Messaging. Offering on-premise as well as cloud deployment options, the company provides its customers the flexibility to invest in their networks using either CAPEX or OPEX business models.

As part of its mobile communications solution, NewNet offers four software-based products for Mobile Network Operators (MNO’s), Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNO’s), Inter- Carriers,and telecommunication providers that can be deployed in an integrated virtual environment. The company’s Rich Communication Service (RCS) including voice over WiFi, Video over WiFi, WebRTC, IP Messaging, and media sharing empowers operators to build subscriber loyalty and seamless transition to IP LTE Networks. NewNet’s enhanced SMS comes with a scalable support for application-to-person promotional messages, person-to-application checking balance and machine-to-machine system updates to further boost revenue. To ensure loss prevention and monitor deviations in SMS/MMS revenue stream, the company offers SMS Firewalls and Anti Virus solutions, increasing transparency of application traffic within networks. The mobile communications also offer high performance multimedia messaging (MMS) with transcoding, campaign management, and ability to track viral sharing. Additionally, NewNet provides SS7 and SIP Middleware for mission critical nodes.

Our product portfolio covers virtual instances of SMS, MMS, VoWIFI, WebRTC and IP messaging solutions

The company has recently ported and validated its mobile communications software to three Network Function Virtualization (NFV) platforms enabling operators to seamlessly migrate from customized hardware solutions to a virtualized world and boost TCO. “We have been able to transform our messaging products to a software only offering that can be deployed in a virtualized manner, with ongoing new VAS feature commitment,” asserts Newsome. “In our Mobile Communications division, we build on a 10-year old strong partner network with worldwide reach.” Moreover, the company also focuses on providing cloud contact center solution; VoltDelta offers scalability, reliability, and security for distributed contact centers and remote agents. “With best integration into Oracle, we are not moving premise into cloud, we were born in the cloud,” says Ben Miller, SVP, American Sales, NewNet VoltDelta.

An interesting instance happened at the Mobile World Congress show when one of NewNet’s OEM handset customers used its RCS platform to develop latest software with new features. The client had implemented the platform well beyond the RCS specifications without any help or support from NewNet. “The thing that surpassed our expectations was that they had been developing this over several months, and demonstrated the new version at the world’s largest mobile trade show from our platform without us even knowing,” elucidates Newsome.

NewNet’s growth lies in mobile operators’ transition to all IP mobile networks and eliminate traditional circuit switched infrastructure. “We view our RCS and WebRTC platforms as enablers of this new infrastructure for both mobile services such as IP based messaging, and call center infrastructure,” concludes Newsome.

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Brent Newsome, VP of Business Development and Ben Miller, SVP, American Sales

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