NewPush: Accelerating Vulnerability Remediation in the VMware World

Balázs Nagy, Co-Founder & CTO and Rene Sotola, CEO
With the increase in the flexibility of creating enterprise-class workloads today, VMware has created some of the best environments to deploy and manage these workloads. From classic hardware virtualization to the light weight docker containers and micro-services, ESXi has a solution. With that flexibility, IT teams have the propensity to multiply the opportunities for systems falling behind the security race to defend themselves. When it comes to vulnerability remediation, lack of knowledge and a proper approach renders customers vulnerable to situations where patching is not at all an option. In that case, a compensating control is needed to remediate the vulnerabilities. NewPush—a global SaaS hosting and managed services company—uses VMware as a core technology to accelerate vulnerability remediation and assist enterprises in maximizing infrastructure and application uptime effectively. “Handling vulnerabilities is part of the infrastructure management and virtualization makes managing the infrastructure easier. Remediating vulnerabilities is all about reducing the risk of cybersecurity threats and achieving compliance effectively and proactively,” asserts Balázs Nagy, the co-founder and CTO of NewPush.

Upgrading enterprise patch management and device management tools, whether through test automation or automated patching has eased up and streamlined the process of vulnerability management. NewPush uses all these tools to accelerate vulnerability remediation efficiently in the VMware ecosystem and beyond. The company has strengthened its enterprise-patching capabilities, and its partnership with VMware gives it the ability to help enterprises manage challenging compliance requirements and IT development issues.

From server virtualization to desktop virtualization and network virtualization to endpoint management, VMware offers all the solutions needed to enable enterprise-class compliance and virtualization in a world that is moving toward more and more complex microservices and cloud-based architecture.
NewPush’s hosted services help companies design, plan, and deploy industry-specific virtualization solutions. “One of the key impediments of vulnerability remediation is the risk of an impact to production systems. It is necessary to look at all the aspects of cybersecurity in order to reduce the reaction time between discovering the vulnerability and using the right approach to issue the patch to fix it,” explains Rene Sotola, CEO of NewPush.

In its effort to address complex patch management issues particularly in the education, healthcare, and transportation sectors, NewPush implements the right solutions for customers’ specific compliance needs. In the transportation sector, one of the primary challenges is having the ability to collect data from a large number of IoT devices that accomplish the ticketing and cash receipt collection tasks and ensuring adherence to PCI compliance for patch management and vulnerability management. NewPush prioritizes the need for data obfuscation in order to deploy a PCI-compliant environment with legacy applications successfully, as it is essential for creating realistic task data in a way that allows companies to run the tests in realistic conditions without compromising the security of confidential data.

The NewPush team with its automated testing solution and the emerging future-proof enterprise-class technologies for endpoint management like VMware AirWatch focuses on handling the ever-increasing cybersecurity threats and compliance issues productively. As cybersecurity and identity management solutions are gaining stronger traction with each passing day, NewPush understands the need for vulnerability management and assists enterprises to deploy patches that address the vulnerabilities with VMware as the key piece of the puzzle. “We combine our skills in IaaS and virtualization with SaaS offerings. We have outperformed our growth goals, by consistently helping our customers succeed,” concludes Nagy.


Denver, CO

Balázs Nagy, Co-Founder & CTO and Rene Sotola, CEO

The company provides VMware technology solutions to enhance virtualization and cloud applications while accelerating vulnerability remediation