NewsRx: Innovating Discovery through AI Journalism

Kalani Rosell, VP
NewsRx technology monitors all new discoveries worldwide, an innovation made possible through the use of the company’s proprietary artificial intelligence journalism. These newsworthy events, about two every minute, are discovered from 20,000 NewsRx sources including universities, medical centers, associations, scholarly publishers, public companies, thought leaders, and government agencies. The company provides a unique advance alerting system focusing on new peer-reviewed scientific and business research and discoveries.

NewsRx, with offices in Atlanta and New Haven, ensures personalized daily delivery of all the relevant and impactful information on every essential topic that a professional needs.
Kalani Rosell, Vice President at NewsRx, highlights how 17 years ago the company took the high-end technology approach to improve the quality of its news reporting which covered the entire spectrum of all professional topics in business and the sciences. The company’s first technology solution was automated newsletters, soon recognized by The New York Times news service as the largest provider of news about health, followed by the eHealthcare Leadership Awards which recognized NewsRx AI-written articles with its “Best Health/Healthcare Content” award.

“Getting just the relevant information out of the huge data influx meant that our writers and editors had to wade through large data sets to distill short reports for academia, researchers, professionals, and corporations. While the writers needed access to accurate data quickly, the editors wanted to improve their speed, quantity, quality, and efficiency.” To address this challenge, NewsRx developed its own automation technology, which started with editing and fact-checking software and later extended to developing algorithms to research, write, and deliver content, automating the end-to-end process of journalism. While many large organizations today are beginning to implement AI, NewsRx had already adopted applied AI in 2000. Today, NewsRx creates 12,000 complex scientific and business news reports every day, and the company has filed ten patents on the merger of data, journalism, and AI

NewsRx has quietly been at the forefront of innovation for many years, and we don’t plan on relaxing now

Focused on improving the capabilities of its systems and products to serve clients better, NewsRx now has a proprietary database with 14 million articles. “Our news covers all worldwide discovery events taking place every day, and with our AI technology, creating content is fast and easy, “Rosell said. But innovation by NewsRx did not stop there, and in 2017 the company began a new phase in delivering user experience built on a SaaS platform, BUTTER, which streamlines research and speeds discovery. “Through BUTTER, customers create personalized daily alerts that notify them about new research, innovations, and business movements. We’re here to be your personal research assistant and data journalist.” Businesses can leverage BUTTER for portfolio management to track what companies are producing research, detailed information such as who is involved in what clinical trials or patents, and other competitive intelligence. Research teams focused on their own projects can quickly set up alerts and schedule reports to be notified any time an important development happens.

Leveraging high value technology has transformed the media company, NewsRx, into a comprehensive AI company years ahead of others. The company’s never-say-die attitude keeps it focused on expanding the AI capabilities to broaden the impact of its BUTTER platform. Focused on machine learning and delivering advanced analytics and insight as well as news, NewsRx optimizes the knowledge discovery process to help analysts and individuals perform better and stay ahead of the competition. “We are not here to make super humans, but rather to make humans super by giving them the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence focused on streamlining their research and discovery.”


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Kalani Rosell, VP

Technology company focusing on media and news, and knowledge discovery through its AI platform BUTTER