NEXA: Integrating Customer Touchpoints

Adrian Gold, CEO
Analyzing each point of interaction in a customer life cycle is imperative to solve customer experience challenges and achieve operational efficiencies. To extract these insights from customer touch-points, enterprises need visibility across business operations and workflow. “Collecting data and providing transparency is the starting point of any Customer Experience Management (CEM) process,” begins Adrian Gold, CEO, NEXA. Clearly, the lack of transparency makes it difficult for enterprises to address the customer challenges instantly. Providing complete visibility and an in-depth customer data analysis, NEXA focuses on ensuring a connected customer journey and integrating the customer touch-points for frequent data collection. “The NEXA solution provides transparency to management by delivering real-time data to make accurate and necessary decisions, which ultimately enhances the customer journey and improves operational efficiencies,” continued Gold.

NEXA’s CEM system, a collaborated and advanced queue management software, ensures the integration of the disparate interactions in a customer life cycle. The system includes a comprehensive appointment management and online scheduling module that integrates within a corporate website. “Everything starts with an appointment and the necessary CEM tools drive a successful customer journey,” states Gold. The module delivers automation of the entire appointment cycle ranging from booking, arrival to case documentation.

Additional to the ability to schedule appointments, the CEM system includes a Staff Planner Module that empowers managers to plan the staffing levels to address customer demands. “The planning module predicts the optimal number of staff required to fulfill the needs of the business, thus optimizing the workforce requirement,” says Gold. The planner is a powerful analysis tool with data mining capabilities to scan the historical customer-flow data and combines this with predicted customer flows to provide an essential insight into future resource planning. “For example, an organization may have KPIs of no more than 10 minute wait times, hence this key parameter, embedded in an analysis tool along with other key data points as such numbers of available service agents seats, historical customer flow numbers, predictive changes to customer flow etc. gives accurate resource planning insight to determine the optimal Service Agents to meet the changing needs of the customer in the future,” says Gold.

The NEXA solution provides transparency to management by delivering real-time data to make accurate and necessary decisions, which ultimately enhances the customer journey and improves operational efficiencies

In addition, NEXA’s Digital Signage solution provides bespoke personalization to online marketing by leveraging cloud architecture. It allows the client to centrally manage content, campaigns, and deliver dynamic system-integrated messages and multimedia to customers and staff across widely dispersed Customer View Points–such as LCDs. “Digital Signage ensures that relevant messages are given to the customer at the right time,” elucidates Gold.

The agile and adaptive nature of the team at NEXA enables them to seamlessly understand the methodology of its clients. At one instance, Australian government services provider, Service NSW, required flexibility in its various service centers to offer numerous ways of customer interaction with the government. The client implemented NEXA’s CEM solution and was empowered with real-time visibility into customer wait times, customer numbers, staff performance, back and front office operations and service metrics. The solution helped Service NSW to improve their customers’ experience by providing a real-time feedback solution and allowing this data to be utilized across Service Branches after processing through the analytical engine. Post implementation, the client’s customer satisfaction scores reached 98 percent which enhanced operational efficiency and ROI.

Forging ahead, NEXA is planning to continually expand its footprint in the healthcare and government sectors, and improve the features of its CEM tools. “We are working on a number of additional features to ensure a holistic and integrated customer experience, designed to optimize the customers’ journey,” concludes Gold.


NSW, Australia

Adrian Gold, CEO

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